On this rainy day

My head is swirling from thoughts about anything and everything under the cloud-covered sun. This unexpected weather for a November day has my mind and body longing for my bed and the warmth of my baby’s tight embrace. As soon as I woke up to the patter of the rain on our roof, my spirit decided that I am not up for the cold, wet gloom. While I have tons of things to accomplish, my hands, feet and eyes do not seem to want to move to finish them.

Instead my mind is interfering and wandering. However, there appears to be no rhyme or reason to the jumble in my head today. Thoughts keep on coming and going, but not staying long enough for me to do something about them. Yaiks. Among them:

…providing inputs to the Philippine Youth Development Program and the role of the overseas Filipino youth

…scouting for pre-schools for next year

…potty training the toddler to save on diapers

…reserving for Palawan trip next year

…drafting the Secretary’s speech on mobility of Filipino health professionals

…achieving target donations from abroad

…finding legal basis for exchange program

…deciding on paying the house downpayment in full (major consideration if we are going to start early on the amortization)

…visiting the banks and putting my affairs in order

…improving my wardrobe big time

…mulling about where to spend Christmas and New Year

…buying and splurging on make-up (this is so not me)

Need to focus, focus!

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