What I did over the long weekend

I was beyond happy the past four days since I had my mommy and daddy to myself. So while I still cannot contain myself and refrain from jumping, running, talking non-stop, and driving my folks crazy, I’m pretty sure they had the time of their lives, too, taking me places and making me the happiest kid on earth!

Ate out…

Made googoo eyes with another kid…lol..

Rode a carousel…

Played non-stop with bubbles…

Tinkered on Tito Ninong’s iPad…

Paid my respects to my great-grandparents who raised my mommy…

Played with distant cousins in Batangas…

I truly had an awesome time! I also get to spend time with my great Tito Ninong although mommy was not able to take a photo of our time together. I hope the President gives more holidays so that my folks would get to take some off from work and be with me more.

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