Of the hubby’s absence

I was not able to do a blog entry on my pining for the hubby as he went away last week for a business trip to Romblon. He got back Saturday, and then left again for an overnighter in Cavite for the same purpose. Both of us do this at least once a year, and I am lucky enough to be spared from it this year. Last year, I contracted pneumonia when I went to Misamis Oriental and Camiguin so I wasn’t too keen on doing it again. Plus, of course, my separation anxiety from Mischa would kick in. It might be just coincidence but she really has a knack for getting sick whenever one of us has to be away for a week or two.

So anyway, it was the hubby’s time, and I greatly missed him, in large part because I had to commute to and from work. Damn! Where is justice in 3-hour travel times? It usually just takes us an hour when we take the car.

Anyhow, as I am still not allowed to drive yet, the whole family had to pick him up from the domestic airport. As the major airlines do not service the Manila-Romblon route, their team had to do away with taking Zestair. And boy, the experience was not good at all! To sum up, they annoyed the shit out of everyone. From the original schedule of the expected arrival of 7:40 a.m., the plane finally landed at 11:45 a.m. Great, just great. The toddler was a little cranky, and of course, sweaty by then. Thank God for chocolate biscuits to keep the tantrums away. We made it up by going to nearby Newport Mall at Resorts World, and binging on food. Ended the day up really good!

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