Wee Nam Kee

Had a really rare occasion that we were able to go out and “date”. The grannies “borrowed” Mischa and brought her to a children’s party. Dropped them off then strolled along High Street and Serendra, feeling like the unmarried couple we once were. lol. Too bad it was raining. Would have been a nicer afternoon if the sun was up. Oh well.

Had early dinner at Wee Nam Kee, which I found so good considering I am not a big fan of chicken. Among beef, pork, fish and chicken, the latter would be found at the bottom of my list. I find myself weird that way. I am probably the only Filipino kid who would not cite “fried chicken” as my favorite food. Anyhow, we each ordered the steamed chicken set, and a plate of Hongkong Fried Noodles. I had barley juice to wash it all down. The chicken came with three sauces, and I found the chili the best.

Hope to have more of these. Sometimes we forget to go out, have fun and just enjoy each other’s company. In all the craziness of our life, what with a handful of a toddler to take care of and nurture, and a household to run with bills to pay, and work as demanding as ours, it’s so easy to get lost in the relationship. But as I have previously learned, relationships do not have their own steam. The two players must continue to keep the fire alive and burning.

Words of wisdom from a woman with a stuffy nose early in the morning.

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