Perfect strangers

Whew! Global Summit is finally done and over with, and we all passed with flying colors! Despite Typhoon Pedring lashing out on Manila, the summit pushed through. We were so afraid that all the tears, blood and sweat would just go down the drain. But everything went as planned, and even exceeded expectations. I think CFO people all breathed a collective sigh of relief. Yep, almost heard it.

Anyway, just wanted to post these photos taken last Sunday. Went to mass at the St. Jerome Emiliani Church beside Alabang Town Center to celebrate the hubby’s birthday. This is a really nice little church with lots of trees, which we’ve been going to for as long as I could remember. My little girl was actually having fun! She was running around, and playing with a complete boy stranger.

I’m really guessing she badly needs a playtime. Paging mommy and daddy? lol. I sometimes feel sorry for her for being cooped up inside the house with only oldies as her companions. Need to bring her out more often. More importantly, need to have her socialize more with kids her own age.

Didn’t get to take much pictures during lunch at Alba’s Restaurant in Westgate, especially the food. Just had this wine rack though:

But you could never go wrong with Alba’s right? Had buffet lunch, which is kind of heavy on the pocket though. But super loved their desserts! Too bad, no pictures!

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