Bedroom ideas

Totally unrelated to today’s post…but tt’s the hubby’s birthday! Wheeee! At this point though, I’m the only one up so no one to celebrate with yet. That’s fine because then, I can catch up with my blogging. I’ve been having a real surreal feeling since I know I have a lot to do since it’s totally crunchtime for the global summit, and yet, here I am, spending so much time online doing mundane things. Like I didn’t want to face the music yet. I promise to do my speech later today, I really do. Cross my heart :p

For the second part of my home ideas series, I am posting bedroom ideas. Also got these from Better Homes and Garden. If I have to look at other sites, I would have more choices, and then I would go crazy trying to choose. Then there are the costs. If only money was not an issue, I’d probably go overboard. lol. Next to the living room, this is my favorite part of the house because I spend a lot of time here. When I was still single, and school was out, or I had no work, I hardly ever get out of my room (that’s the kind of couch, or in this case, bed, potato I am). I’d rather curl up with a good book, or watch my crime shows, than go out. So this must be restful and beautiful, even if it’s only us who will see this. And then the element of “cozy” must again be there.

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