Health is wealth

The blog has seriously suffered neglect again. This week has been particularly crazy at home and at work. We are all cramming for the upcoming Global Summit, which I posted here. Everybody is just about at the end of our tethers, and we keep telling ourselves to keep our cool as this is about to end very, very soon so we might as well get over it, hopefully with our sanity still in tact. It’s so hard to see anybody suffer, especially

More importantly, two of our family members got sick. It’s really sad when you see loved ones when not in their usual selves. Mico got hospitalized for the first time in his life for appendicitis. Had to rush to QC and stay there for a couple of days while mama had to tend to his needs, and nobody can look after Mischa but us. The hubby and I took turns playing nanny. Thank God Mico got out of the hospital with only a 3-inch scar on the right side of his tummy. He’s recovering great.

Mischa hadn’t been so lucky as she picked something up maybe from the hospital. Tuesday night she started having fever then began throwing up Wednesday morning. With it, she started moving really bad-smelling poop. Had to bring her to the pedia again (we were just there last week for “tummy aches”). While the thermometer and other symptoms say she is indeed down with flu, her movements say otherwise. She still keeps on jumping and is her normal, malikot self. I guess she got this high tolerance for pain from me. Good or bad, I don’t know. It might happen someday that she’s really sick but hindi nya iniinda. I pray all the time that God keeps her healthy, healthy, healthy! It’s so hard to get sick nowadays. It’s not easy on the heart, and of course, the pocket.

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