Dolls get married, too!

I have renewed interest in Barbie since my own daughter got her very first doll, and its house and many accessories. If only these things weren’t too expensive, I would have gotten every little bit I could lay my hands on. It was like going back to one of the best things of my childhood. Back then, I kind of lamented that I had few and limited toys, but now I completely understand. I was a child of an overseas Filipino worker from the Middle East, and I guess every penny counted back then, thus the pagtitipid when it came to buying toys. We weren’t rich but I will always be thankful that I was more than comfortable.

Anyway, when I chanced upon the pictorial of Barbie and Ken, her long-time beau, getting hitched, I just had to grab and post! They are just so cute, and plain gorgeous! Looks like a real wedding, from the preps to the ceremony to the after-wedding shots!

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