Bedroom ideas

Totally unrelated to today’s post…but tt’s the hubby’s birthday! Wheeee! At this point though, I’m the only one up so no one to celebrate with yet. That’s fine because then, I can catch up with my blogging. I’ve been having a real surreal feeling since I know I have a lot to do since it’s totally crunchtime for the global summit, and yet, here I am, spending so much time online doing mundane things. Like I didn’t want to face the music yet. I promise to do my speech later today, I really do. Cross my heart :p

For the second part of my home ideas series, I am posting bedroom ideas. Also got these from Better Homes and Garden. If I have to look at other sites, I would have more choices, and then I would go crazy trying to choose. Then there are the costs. If only money was not an issue, I’d probably go overboard. lol. Next to the living room, this is my favorite part of the house because I spend a lot of time here. When I was still single, and school was out, or I had no work, I hardly ever get out of my room (that’s the kind of couch, or in this case, bed, potato I am). I’d rather curl up with a good book, or watch my crime shows, than go out. So this must be restful and beautiful, even if it’s only us who will see this. And then the element of “cozy” must again be there.

Living room ideas

Advertisement muna from all craziness happening at work…

Was browsing through my hard drive when I chanced upon the photos I filed, which are the living/bedroom/kitchen/bathroom ideas for project house. As you can probably guess, I am a very conventional person when it comes to design. I want something simple but cheerful and full of color. Let someone else have the edgy and the jazzy. And since this part of the house welcomes the family and guests first when they come in, it must be inviting. It should make one feel warm and good inside. Worldly worries should be forgotten as soon as one gets swallowed by the couch πŸ™‚

Got these all from the website of Better Homes and Garden.

A day in the life of a toddler

The living room wherever we are staying (on our own or my parents’ in this case) always look like it has been hit by a rampaging bull. I am always torn between exasperation and delight every time I see my little girl play to her heart’s delight. The simple, innocent joy etched on her face when she gets hold of her books, dolls and whatnots is enough to make any parent’s heart swell with happiness.

Health is wealth

The blog has seriously suffered neglect again. This week has been particularly crazy at home and at work. We are all cramming for the upcoming Global Summit, which I posted here. Everybody is just about at the end of our tethers, and we keep telling ourselves to keep our cool as this is about to end very, very soon so we might as well get over it, hopefully with our sanity still in tact. It’s so hard to see anybody suffer, especially

More importantly, two of our family members got sick. It’s really sad when you see loved ones when not in their usual selves. Mico got hospitalized for the first time in his life for appendicitis. Had to rush to QC and stay there for a couple of days while mama had to tend to his needs, and nobody can look after Mischa but us. The hubby and I took turns playing nanny. Thank God Mico got out of the hospital with only a 3-inch scar on the right side of his tummy. He’s recovering great.

Mischa hadn’t been so lucky as she picked something up maybe from the hospital. Tuesday night she started having fever then began throwing up Wednesday morning. With it, she started moving really bad-smelling poop. Had to bring her to the pedia again (we were just there last week for “tummy aches”). While the thermometer and other symptoms say she is indeed down with flu, her movements say otherwise. She still keeps on jumping and is her normal, malikot self. I guess she got this high tolerance for pain from me. Good or bad, I don’t know. It might happen someday that she’s really sick but hindi nya iniinda. I pray all the time that God keeps her healthy, healthy, healthy! It’s so hard to get sick nowadays. It’s not easy on the heart, and of course, the pocket.

Dolls get married, too!

I have renewed interest in Barbie since my own daughter got her very first doll, and its house and many accessories. If only these things weren’t too expensive, I would have gotten every little bit I could lay my hands on. It was like going back to one of the best things of my childhood. Back then, I kind of lamented that I had few and limited toys, but now I completely understand. I was a child of an overseas Filipino worker from the Middle East, and I guess every penny counted back then, thus the pagtitipid when it came to buying toys. We weren’t rich but I will always be thankful that I was more than comfortable.

Anyway, when I chanced upon the pictorial of Barbie and Ken, her long-time beau, getting hitched, I just had to grab and post! They are just so cute, and plain gorgeous! Looks like a real wedding, from the preps to the ceremony to the after-wedding shots!

What does this say?

In Filipino folk saying, this sleeping position taken up by a kid often signifies that it needs or is asking for a sibling. Hmmm…not just yet baby girl. We’re readying everyone around us before we can welcome your ading. Your father and I have to be more than able before we take on another you.

I might just be thinking too much of it as I recently heard of news of two friends who are expecting. Envious much? lol.


I am kinda late in the game with the milk tea craze. lol. Just as well, we chanced upon Serenitea yesterday at the Alabang Town Center. While the hubby and I hardly ever have time to try out new stuff, our impromptu move back to the South made it a little more difficult. I am beginning to miss Eastwood and Podium. Not that we are regulars, but the proximity didn’t help any.

Anyway, my passionfruit yakult was great! It was not tea, which was the point of the resto/food chain, but loved it just the same. I also liked hubby’s Malt, while the folks had Okinawa and Wintermelon teas, which I didn’t taste but looked good as well. I ordered all of it with crystals instead of the usual pearls (sago). Can’t wait to try all their other offerings. I am really more of a coffee than a tea person, but Serenitea might just change my mind. I would now think twice before making a beeline to Starbucks and instead head out to their booth from now on.