Happy to have playmates

It takes us forever to go and meet relatives my father’s side of the family but the trip is always so worth it. I super duper enjoy spending quality time with my cousins and my Mama Old and Papa Old if they are here in Manila. They live up north in Cagayan, you know, so I seldom see them. It’s a very nice change for me. Mommy, Daddy and I trekked to Novaliches yesterday to attend one of my second cousin’s baptism. Daddy wasn’t able to take pictures because there were lots of people around, and it was raining where the party was held on the street. We had to scamper and squish with other family in my aunt’s cozy, little house. Then we went to my Tita Vivien’s house in Fairview so we can spend more time with them, and sleep over.

I had so much fun! My Ate Lysa, Ate Mia, Kuya Aa and Ate Freya all ran around, chased balloons, drew, and basically made ourselves the life of the party. Laro na kung laro. Remember, I get to do this only once in a blue moon. Most of the time, I am cooped up in my Grandma’s house with only Lola and Lolo for company. Much like what they did to Mommy and Ninong Mico when they were still kids, they don’t let me go out as often. Sometimes I miss the environment in Taytay where I get to go on the street even if I don’t get to play with the other kids. Watching them was joy enough for me.

Anyhow, back to the matter at hand. I wanted to show you some of the photos Daddy was trying to take of us cousins playing to our hearts’ delight. To his chagrin, he could only take blurry shots because we kept on moving. Hey, we’re kids! We were born to be makulit and magulo. He was only able to have decent photos when the two older ates went to the supermarket with Tita Vivien, and the three of us winded down and decided to doodle over pencils, crayons and papers.

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