An almost encounter

Today was our first attempt at a “meet and greet”. Aside from Barney and Dora, Mischa absolutely adores Patrick, Spongebob Squarepants’ best friend. She hugs the huge Patrick stuffed toy her frenemy, Tito Sam, gave her ages ago during her christening. We braved the mighty weekend traffic from Bacoor to Las Pinas, and then met up with Mischa’s Ninang IC, and Baby Enzo. Unfortunately though, we got there just ahead of opening, and what do you know, it’s standing room only! So we just stayed round the perimeter of the stage area and lounged around hoping to have Mischa catch a glimpse of Spongebob and Patrick. Parang fan na fan talaga ang peg! lol. Our trip would have been a total waste if not for the precious, precious laughter and eagerness on my daughter’s face when saw the two characters even from a distance. Her excitement was enough to drive the mom to happiness 🙂

"From a Distance" ang theme song ng mag-ama

Kawawa naman si Mischa 😦

Mischa and Enzo had fun getting acquainted. Have lots of pictures to show them in case they would end up together. Hehe.

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