Melissa shoes

I seldom post blog entries about fashion, especially new finds or reviews. Hmmm, come to think of it, I think I never had! That’s because, one, I’m not a total fashionista, I am sort of the conservative type, and two, I can’t blog regularly about clothes, shoes and bags because I don’t buy them often. I couldn’t write about new finds because I’m sure somebody else had tried before hehe.

Enough of the babbling. Just wanted to share our new loot from Tito Ninong, who’s fresh from interviewing Mario Maurer in Thailand. Ta-da!

Haven’t really tried them except around the house, but gotta say, love ’em!! And the ones Mischa got are just too cute for words. I’ve read about Melissa shoes in blogs, and I wondered before if they are really as good and soft as they seem. And they are! And sweet-smelling, too. Now, closed shoes and I aren’t the best of friends since my feet get a little sweaty with prolonged use (who doesn’t in this climate?), but I think Melissa and I will get along fine. I’m the flip flops (hello Havaianas!), sandals and open-toed wedges sort of girl, and I only wear pumps at work (and that’s only when I have meetings or being summoned by people at the top).

Anyway, can’t wait to go out today to try them on!

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