Done with vaccines

Yay! We’ve finally completed all the basics and some boosters set at regular periods over a two-year span, the last being the Hepatitis A shot. Save for a few more follow up boosters, like yearly flu vaccine, we’re significantly saving trips to the doctor’s, and of course, thousands of pesos. Although with the latter, despite being in tipid mode, we would still not hesitate availing of shots. I can’t say we’re done with the bawling often attributed to injections and pedia visits, because my daughter, like Mommy, seems to have a really high tolerance for pain (is this good or bad?). She has since stopped crying when needles come into contact with her skin when she was about six months old or thereabouts.

Some parents do not believe in vaccinations for a myriad of reasons, such as let the children develop their natural immunity, the risk of autism, yada yada. But is the risk worth it? I don’t think so. Some do not even have the precious bucks for these but their children need them very badly, so if you do, do not experiment on your kids please.

We have been fortunate that Mischa has not been sickly all her life (and I pray that this continues). I don’t know if it’s the vaccines or the vitamins but God has blessed her with such a healthy body, and which we are uber thankful for. I’d like to think it’s the love and care she receives, which are more than enough to make her grow strong and healthy, despite gearing towards the lean side.

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