Zuri’s 1st birthday

One of my good friends, Diva, and her hubby threw this birthday bash for their youngest daughter, Zuri, as she turned 1 two weekends ago (I know, I know this is late). One really gets amazed at how babies fast babies grow. But unlike her two older sisters, one of which is my goddaughter, Darla, I never really saw Zuri as often during her “growing days”.

The party was held at a spanking new venue in Bacoor, Cavite inside the new Lotus Village. This is actually just behind our future home in Citta Italia (wheee I lurve saying this!), accessible from the new Molino Boulevard. The clubhouse was dressed really well, and too bad we didn’t get to take too many pictures of it. To save major bucks though, their family prepared their own food, which was sumptuous and overflowing. Diva’s husband, Don, is a really good cook. I wouldn’t even dare try this on our own because of all the mess we have to fix before, during and after the party. I salute them for the all the trouble they went through. And they hired the hosting services of McDonald’s crew, as well as for the kiddie food. Mischa had a blast as usual, especially running after Grimace (gee, I wonder if she likes purple as she takes to Barney so well).

The general them was luau as Diva prepared for a pool party. Very unfortunate though that it rained the whole day. Of course nobody stopped the kids from splishing and splashing their way. My own daughter was almost green with envy since I didn’t let her join in the fun.

The little party girl

2 thoughts on “Zuri’s 1st birthday

  1. hi can you email me the location and contact number where the party was held? I’m looking for the venue of my son’s baptismal. thanks!

    • It’s inside the Lotus Village in Bacoor, Cavite along the new Molino Boulevard. Sorry I don’t have their number. Happy venue hunting!

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