The shadow

I have taken to calling my little toddler my shadow. On weekends, and in the mornings before we leave for work, I can’t seem to go anywhere without her tailing me while I go from one room to another. I can’t even be gone for a whole twenty seconds without her looking for Mommy. While it is flattering at best, knowing that your child loves you to bits that she can’t stand being away from you, it can be heart-wrenching especially in the mornings when we really have to leave her, and she starts bawling that she wants to go with us. At her age, she fully understands that her time with me/us is very limited, hence, the need to be with me or her dad every minute whenever we are at home. We try to bring her to errands on weekends most of the time even though it might prove to be our undoing when she makes a cute “nuisance” of herself. We sometimes get tired of it but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Time with her is precious.

2 thoughts on “The shadow

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