Living for weekends

Despite major improvements in my work life in the past month, I almost always feel like the whole work week is a drag. I couldn’t wait for weekends to come. Whenever Mondays come, it seems like the world has come into slow mo, but whenever Fridays roll around the corner, time would go flying past in a blur. Aside from catching some zzzz’s, our weekends are totally devoted to the little girl. We try to include her even in our errands, never mind that we always have to pant from either running after her or carrying her while she tries to squirm her way out of our arms. At home, our time is spent playing and teaching her. Though she “bugs” us (I use the term lightly, for she bugs us in the cutest ways possible), she manages to amuse herself with whatever she can lay her hands on. Just staring at her proves to be the most relaxing thing on earth. Look at the way she finds fun in playing with the contents of loot bag. Sigh!

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