Cuddling is the way to go

A very quick post. It’s been a real rainy week. The hubby and I are very fortunate we don’t have to trudge along the wet and muddy streets to and from the office. Thank God the work week is over! We can again put up our feet and hang up our coats so to speak. Interestingly enough, I am feeling under the weather. My tummy is getting spasms every now and then since early this morning, and I lost a lot of sleep.

Despite that, I woke up to the most wonderful feeling today. I got to cuddle my two most favorite people in the world! It felt sooo good to be under the cool sheets and be tickling and laughing. Sigh!

Joakeen’s Spongebob birthday

This is our 3rd children’s birthday party this month! The little girl has been having fun although she still steers clear of people fawning over her. I don’t know if she’s naturally shy (she doesn’t seem so) or she just hates it if the attention is on her. Anyway, Joakeen, the birthday celebrant is the son of a first cousin, who’s about 7 years younger than me. He and the mom were pretty young when they were thrust into the limelight of parenthood in their late teens. Lucky for them, my aunt and uncle are more than able to support their little family though not without the ups and downs of differing backgrounds. They’re getting by though.

Done with vaccines

Yay! We’ve finally completed all the basics and some boosters set at regular periods over a two-year span, the last being the Hepatitis A shot. Save for a few more follow up boosters, like yearly flu vaccine, we’re significantly saving trips to the doctor’s, and of course, thousands of pesos. Although with the latter, despite being in tipid mode, we would still not hesitate availing of shots. I can’t say we’re done with the bawling often attributed to injections and pedia visits, because my daughter, like Mommy, seems to have a really high tolerance for pain (is this good or bad?). She has since stopped crying when needles come into contact with her skin when she was about six months old or thereabouts.

Some parents do not believe in vaccinations for a myriad of reasons, such as let the children develop their natural immunity, the risk of autism, yada yada. But is the risk worth it? I don’t think so. Some do not even have the precious bucks for these but their children need them very badly, so if you do, do not experiment on your kids please.

We have been fortunate that Mischa has not been sickly all her life (and I pray that this continues). I don’t know if it’s the vaccines or the vitamins but God has blessed her with such a healthy body, and which we are uber thankful for. I’d like to think it’s the love and care she receives, which are more than enough to make her grow strong and healthy, despite gearing towards the lean side.

A book closes

Indeed, it did. As authors, bloggers, reviewers have been writing in the last two weeks, a chapter in contemporary literature has closed as we all witnessed the showing of the last installment of Harry Potter’s life. I went to the movies with my husband and a couple of friends in a mixture of excitement, trepidation, and anticipated longing, knowing that this is the last I am going to see Harry. Not that I can’t reread my books and re-watch the DVDs, but as any Potter aficionado would say, there is the inexplicable feeling of sadness that all of this stops now, that there is nothing more to look forward to.

While many claim that they grew with Harry, I certainly did not. I just started working when I picked up my very first copy of the Prisoner of Azkaban. As soon as I finished the promising but eventually tragic tale of Harry’s and Sirius’ short and sweet relationship, I got hooked and immediately bought the first two books. Since then, I eagerly awaited as each new book and movie tie-in comes out. I remember having to request to be put on the reservation list at Powerbooks as the release of the last couple of books has become a media frenzy. Once, I even had the copy of the Order of the Phoenix sent through diplomatic pouch thanks to DFA friends! Hehe. They are all perfectly preserved albeit a little worn from all the reliving I do whenever I feel like it. Although I haven’t touched them of late since reading has become a luxury instead of a hobby for me ever since I embarked on marriage and motherhood. I enjoyed other titles, other series, other authors but nothing comes close to the magic Harry and J.K. Rowling has woven over me and a million other fans of all ages, sizes, color, religion, political affiliation or family background.

In my short trip to the United Kingdom in 2006, I was fortunate to visit the filming location of the Great Hall at Hogwarts Castle (hmmm must look for old pictures of this).

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was bittersweet and powerful. It had the right sprinkling of the events and important facets of the story embedded into it, without being bitin or overloaded. Save for that last part where they introduced a pot-bellied Ron to make him nineteen years older, everything was close to being perfect. Albus Potter was too cute. David Yates and the rest of the crew made it all alive, one couldn’t believe that it was fantasy. Well, except for Narcissa Malfoy’s hair, which was skunk-like when in the books, she was always described as blond and pale, to the point of translucency as compared to her raven-haired and bold sister, Bellatrix. The twists inserted were also done with taste despite not being in the actual story, such as Ron and Hermione kissing in the Chamber of Secrets, and Snape crying over Lily Potter’s dead body. I, myself, almost cried hearing the thuds Snape’s body produced as Nagini the snake bit and crushed him to death. I felt every emotion with the characters, and almost felt like I was there. I cried with them, got mad, laughed, felt triumphant with every victory they claim.

I’ll really, really miss Harry.

All in all it was worth one’s time and money (we watched in 3D). A fitting end to a glorious era.

Zuri’s 1st birthday

One of my good friends, Diva, and her hubby threw this birthday bash for their youngest daughter, Zuri, as she turned 1 two weekends ago (I know, I know this is late). One really gets amazed at how babies fast babies grow. But unlike her two older sisters, one of which is my goddaughter, Darla, I never really saw Zuri as often during her “growing days”.

The party was held at a spanking new venue in Bacoor, Cavite inside the new Lotus Village. This is actually just behind our future home in Citta Italia (wheee I lurve saying this!), accessible from the new Molino Boulevard. The clubhouse was dressed really well, and too bad we didn’t get to take too many pictures of it. To save major bucks though, their family prepared their own food, which was sumptuous and overflowing. Diva’s husband, Don, is a really good cook. I wouldn’t even dare try this on our own because of all the mess we have to fix before, during and after the party. I salute them for the all the trouble they went through. And they hired the hosting services of McDonald’s crew, as well as for the kiddie food. Mischa had a blast as usual, especially running after Grimace (gee, I wonder if she likes purple as she takes to Barney so well).

The general them was luau as Diva prepared for a pool party. Very unfortunate though that it rained the whole day. Of course nobody stopped the kids from splishing and splashing their way. My own daughter was almost green with envy since I didn’t let her join in the fun.

The little party girl

The shadow

I have taken to calling my little toddler my shadow. On weekends, and in the mornings before we leave for work, I can’t seem to go anywhere without her tailing me while I go from one room to another. I can’t even be gone for a whole twenty seconds without her looking for Mommy. While it is flattering at best, knowing that your child loves you to bits that she can’t stand being away from you, it can be heart-wrenching especially in the mornings when we really have to leave her, and she starts bawling that she wants to go with us. At her age, she fully understands that her time with me/us is very limited, hence, the need to be with me or her dad every minute whenever we are at home. We try to bring her to errands on weekends most of the time even though it might prove to be our undoing when she makes a cute “nuisance” of herself. We sometimes get tired of it but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Time with her is precious.

The sweetest/cutest things

My daughter has learned to say I love you! It warms my heart everytime she utters alabyu mommy! And because she’s been progressing so very fast (in our opinions at least) with her vocabulary, communicating with her is also becoming a breeze. Relatives and friends have been pleasantly surprised by her ability to talk. I’m not sure if this is because of comparisons with other kids or she is extraordinarily talkative. Whatever it is, I am an extremely proud momma. While I still need to work on more on some delays, such as she still uses the binky but only when she goes to sleep at night (and this deserves another post on what I should do and if I should be alarmed by now), and people find her too thin, I am surmising I and the hubby are still on the right track in raising her. I stand by my doctor’s advice that as long as she doesn’t get sick, there’s nothing to worry about. I’d like to think that it’s old school when you equate being healthy to being “fat” in kids. She hasn’t so much as caught colds in the last year (pwera usog po). And though she consistently gets bitten by mosquitoes (darn those insects!), she is relatively untouched by viruses and bacteria.

Back to her talking prowess, I know I’ve turned into a stage mother on some occasions when I try to show her off. I am especially proud that she never had to stumble with her Rs and Ss. I guess it helped we didn’t do babytalk, which I emphasized over and over to her caregivers back then. And while I wanted her early on to have English as her primary language, I wasn’t successful in imposing this to my folks who has been spending a lot of time with her. Nevertheless, I’m still a very happy mom.

Aside from uttering the magic words (I love you), I find it sooo cute when she says:

– Hi daddy whenever the hubby comes in the room.

– Ba-bye and see you!

Si mommy lang when she doesn’t want anyone but me to feed her;

Halika na mommy when her dad is the one trying to put her to sleep and I’m still not done with the dinner chores (with matching hand and head gestures);

Ako na when trying to be independent and feeding herself;

– Sleep na si Barbie o, akyat na sya stairs at lie down na. Goodnight! (her fave game todate);

– No more laman to her empty milk bottle;

– Can count to twenty;

Sasama sa office! (Although this breaks my heart every morning)

Kawawa naman si ate, referring to a cousin who was left behind.

– The whole Bahay Kubo, although she stumbles with patola and insistently says palota;

Among other things, she also tells one heck of a story whenever she sees or experiences something new. Like the sky is clear after a morning foray into our grotto, or how the moon and stars are bright after staring out the window, or observations on children playing and crying on the streets. I love how she can identify about 80% of stuff in her primary books, even umbrellas and zebras. I hope this is a prelude to her becoming some sort of storyteller or writer in the future. As I posted some two years back, I am wishing that I could instill in her a love for reading, just like how I whiled the hours away in my youth. I just know that it will let her travel far and wide, both literally and figuratively. We have since moved on from her first ABCs and 1-2-3s to fairy tales. I can’t wait for her to pick up her first novel, which she will devour like a lion hungry for prey. I long to see the day that the reading bug will bite her, and she would want to go straight to bookstores instead of toy stores.

With that I also hope that she doesn’t turn into a Math dumbo like me.