The project begins

And so the planning begins. In our minds at least. At this juncture where we have just paid the reservation fee, we began assembling all the documents needed to start our journey of building our own home. It began to dawn on me that there is really so much to do, and we are such a long way off to realizing this dream. But who’s in a hurry? As I said to the hubby, we are not going anywhere anyway. It’s within our reach, all we have to do is work our way to it. For me, everything is set, and as popular literature has it, the universe has conspired to let us be here.

First off, I just want to post the sketch of the model house we availed of:

We have stared countless at the layout, and mentally pictured it like it was real, and with our family in it. I began browsing web sites for various ideas on designs, layouts, furniture, until my eyes begin to water. I know it is so far out (our moving in) but can anybody blame me for not being able to contain my excitement? Based on our calculations and our discussions with our agent and the marketing officer of the developer, we estimate the following timeline:

July 2011 – Start paying downpayment
March 2012 (9th month) – Start construction
September 2012 – Tentative finish
October 2012 – Move in!

Aside from the house itself, we should prepare for other building / construction plans that should be in place so that everything’s up and about by the time we move in. On top of mind are:

1. Gate and fence – hopefully since we have neighbors on both sides and at the back, they’ll get to it before we do, and we just have to worry about the gate (hihi)
2. Window grills and screen
3. Screened door
4. Cementing of service area
5. Kitchen cabinets
6. Landscaping (not a priority at this time)

I also did a mini inventory of the things we have right now, which are not much since we play guard to my sister-in-law’s house, and it was completely furnished when I moved in. We accumulated quite a number of appliances, as well as all sorts of kitchen implements and utensils, but that’s about it. What we need to prepare for are (in order of priority):

1. Queen-sized bed
2. Living room couch
3. Refrigerator
4. Stove and gas tank
5. Aircon

Other stuff to follow but I think those are basic needs that we should put up. Mischa’s room, for example, can take a back seat since she co-sleeps with us and which I plan to do until she turns 18. lol.

Updates will definitely follow!

4 thoughts on “The project begins

  1. I know just how you feel! =) And don’t worry as it really is best to plan in advance especially if you’re saving up for the gate, furniture, appliances, etc. By the way, don’t forget to budget for light fixtures. Despite planning for over a year, we overlooked this and did not realize how expensive lights could be until we started buying them =(

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