In my decade of public service, it was my first time to spend the night in the office last Thursday. Typhoon Falcon dumped so much rain that massive traffic jams were seen all over the Metro. We couldn’t even back out the street! I didn’t even knew that the rains were that bad since I got stuck in an Inter-Agency meeting for seven freaking hours. I just felt so drained as the day wounded up, and I had to contend with not going home.

As always, my thoughts flew to Mischa and how she was going to fare without us there. The good thing is, I didn’t feel as much anxiety as I would have, had we been staying in Taytay. I think I have a permanent fear of floods and typhoons ever since Ondoy brought in muddy water into our house in 2009. The good thing now is that my parents’ house where we are presently squatting, is on higher ground. At least I didn’t have to worry as much since my daughter is safely tucked and watched over by the grannies. I just had to bear with being uncomfortable.

On the whole though, the overnight stay at the office was okay. The hubby and I, along with some colleagues were dry and had stomachs full thanks to the neighborhood Jollibee. We feared a bit that we would go hungry since no fast food chains were providing delivery service. The boys had to run to get us sustenance, and we all found little corners afterward to pass the night. We later found out we did better than some of our friends who insisted on going home and braving the rain. They got stuck in traffic, and were miserable as they waited and waited as the vehicles inched bit by bit on the rain soaked streets. While we were feasting on our Chicken Joys, they were munching on bananas and boiled peanuts brought from street vendors.

Thank God the following was a holiday (Araw ng Maynila). I wanted to lie down and give my sleep-deprived body some reprieve but the toddler wouldn’t let me. But no second thoughts there. My being relaxed as we played the day away while hearing the loud patter on the roof.

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