On this site will rise

…our future home whoopeee! The hubby and I did it! After much ado, today, we paid for the reservation fee. We are officially on our way to building our dreams!

Now, we gave ourselves a month to put our papers in order, find the rest of the downpayment, and start thinking of austerity measures so that we can maintain our keep. Hmmm pretty tall order huh? But with God’s grace, lotsa hard work, and abilidad, I just know we can pull this off. We have to remember we are all doing this for our family. Everything’s about Mischa and other future kids, of course, so we just have to keep her(them) in mind (not very hard work for us since she’s in our heads 24/7 anyway). Thank God for more flexible terms when buying properties nowadays although of course, we now face the daunting task of twenty years of belt tightening. What with Mischa about to enter school next year, we have quite a lot on our hands and shoulders. And ready or not, we just plunged headlong into this with the blessing and support of our family, and much lakas ng loob. we figured, when will we do this if not now? It’s not as if there is much hope that things will get cheaper, eh?

There is much to be done, of course. Interior design is one, grills and fences are another. We’ll have to work harder on those next. But one step at a time. I don’t want to get ahead of myself again.

For now, can I hold on to this giddy feeling?

2 thoughts on “On this site will rise

  1. Congratulations to you both on the new house! Trust me, that giddy feeling will last a VERY long time. At least for me it did (and still continues despite all the house hiccups =).

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