The urge is knocking again

If only will and desire could buy anything and everything, we would have our own place by now. We know of course that while we will always have a place to stay with my folks, or at his sisters’ house (they have since migrated), getting our own always claims the top spot of our wish list. I’ve been dreaming of it since time immemorial but it has especially tugged at our hearts in the last couple of months. Partly because of difficulties with pakikisama when you’re not in your own turf, but mostly because of our own wanting to provide a home to our kid and future ones. The question lies on whether our meager income can accommodate a balloon in our daily/weekly/monthly for getting a house is no joke nowadays. And I must admit that the prospect of paying for this home for the rest of our working and productive lives doesn’t look very pretty at all. But of course, deep in our hearts, the security that we will build far outweighs all the apprehensions we have.

Today, we went to our first tripping/site visit. The feeling as I visited models units was indescribable. I was elated, excited, afraid, disappointed, all at once. It was like I was all ready to move in! Sigh! I know we would need to look into more showrooms, inspect more model houses, to find that “this is it!” home. We need to be more patient, more madiskarte to have more income, and more prayerful at that. I mustn’t get ahead of myself and begin planning in my mind the furniture and decor I would do around my dream house. It’s just it’s so hard not to picture coming home everyday to a place you can call yours. I can’t wait for the day that the kids would go running to welcome us home after a long day at the office.

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