Reigning champion

For two years running, I am the official Scrabble queen. lol. Our yearly CFOlympics kicked off last Monday with the indoor games jumpstarting the games. We’re in for another round of fun and building camaraderie amongst the staff. The fun part was severely lacking in the agency teambuilding held last month, and which brought immense disappointment among the staff. Anyway, the sportsfest has been shortened this year from the previous year’s month-long celebration. Everybody’s gearing up and looking forward to slugging it out with other teams. As soon as the team groupings were announced, some have been at it–psyching each other out and heckling one another.

I signed up to play volleyball and bowling. I just hope my bulging belly won’t be of much nuisance as I try to run after the ball. lol. Will also join the Philippine games on Saturday.

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