The project begins

And so the planning begins. In our minds at least. At this juncture where we have just paid the reservation fee, we began assembling all the documents needed to start our journey of building our own home. It began to dawn on me that there is really so much to do, and we are such a long way off to realizing this dream. But who’s in a hurry? As I said to the hubby, we are not going anywhere anyway. It’s within our reach, all we have to do is work our way to it. For me, everything is set, and as popular literature has it, the universe has conspired to let us be here.

First off, I just want to post the sketch of the model house we availed of:

We have stared countless at the layout, and mentally pictured it like it was real, and with our family in it. I began browsing web sites for various ideas on designs, layouts, furniture, until my eyes begin to water. I know it is so far out (our moving in) but can anybody blame me for not being able to contain my excitement? Based on our calculations and our discussions with our agent and the marketing officer of the developer, we estimate the following timeline:

July 2011 – Start paying downpayment
March 2012 (9th month) – Start construction
September 2012 – Tentative finish
October 2012 – Move in!

Aside from the house itself, we should prepare for other building / construction plans that should be in place so that everything’s up and about by the time we move in. On top of mind are:

1. Gate and fence – hopefully since we have neighbors on both sides and at the back, they’ll get to it before we do, and we just have to worry about the gate (hihi)
2. Window grills and screen
3. Screened door
4. Cementing of service area
5. Kitchen cabinets
6. Landscaping (not a priority at this time)

I also did a mini inventory of the things we have right now, which are not much since we play guard to my sister-in-law’s house, and it was completely furnished when I moved in. We accumulated quite a number of appliances, as well as all sorts of kitchen implements and utensils, but that’s about it. What we need to prepare for are (in order of priority):

1. Queen-sized bed
2. Living room couch
3. Refrigerator
4. Stove and gas tank
5. Aircon

Other stuff to follow but I think those are basic needs that we should put up. Mischa’s room, for example, can take a back seat since she co-sleeps with us and which I plan to do until she turns 18. lol.

Updates will definitely follow!


In my decade of public service, it was my first time to spend the night in the office last Thursday. Typhoon Falcon dumped so much rain that massive traffic jams were seen all over the Metro. We couldn’t even back out the street! I didn’t even knew that the rains were that bad since I got stuck in an Inter-Agency meeting for seven freaking hours. I just felt so drained as the day wounded up, and I had to contend with not going home.

As always, my thoughts flew to Mischa and how she was going to fare without us there. The good thing is, I didn’t feel as much anxiety as I would have, had we been staying in Taytay. I think I have a permanent fear of floods and typhoons ever since Ondoy brought in muddy water into our house in 2009. The good thing now is that my parents’ house where we are presently squatting, is on higher ground. At least I didn’t have to worry as much since my daughter is safely tucked and watched over by the grannies. I just had to bear with being uncomfortable.

On the whole though, the overnight stay at the office was okay. The hubby and I, along with some colleagues were dry and had stomachs full thanks to the neighborhood Jollibee. We feared a bit that we would go hungry since no fast food chains were providing delivery service. The boys had to run to get us sustenance, and we all found little corners afterward to pass the night. We later found out we did better than some of our friends who insisted on going home and braving the rain. They got stuck in traffic, and were miserable as they waited and waited as the vehicles inched bit by bit on the rain soaked streets. While we were feasting on our Chicken Joys, they were munching on bananas and boiled peanuts brought from street vendors.

Thank God the following was a holiday (Araw ng Maynila). I wanted to lie down and give my sleep-deprived body some reprieve but the toddler wouldn’t let me. But no second thoughts there. My being relaxed as we played the day away while hearing the loud patter on the roof.

On this site will rise

…our future home whoopeee! The hubby and I did it! After much ado, today, we paid for the reservation fee. We are officially on our way to building our dreams!

Now, we gave ourselves a month to put our papers in order, find the rest of the downpayment, and start thinking of austerity measures so that we can maintain our keep. Hmmm pretty tall order huh? But with God’s grace, lotsa hard work, and abilidad, I just know we can pull this off. We have to remember we are all doing this for our family. Everything’s about Mischa and other future kids, of course, so we just have to keep her(them) in mind (not very hard work for us since she’s in our heads 24/7 anyway). Thank God for more flexible terms when buying properties nowadays although of course, we now face the daunting task of twenty years of belt tightening. What with Mischa about to enter school next year, we have quite a lot on our hands and shoulders. And ready or not, we just plunged headlong into this with the blessing and support of our family, and much lakas ng loob. we figured, when will we do this if not now? It’s not as if there is much hope that things will get cheaper, eh?

There is much to be done, of course. Interior design is one, grills and fences are another. We’ll have to work harder on those next. But one step at a time. I don’t want to get ahead of myself again.

For now, can I hold on to this giddy feeling?

The cake lover

I’ve noticed that Mischa is beginning to have a sweet tooth. When we were out house tripping the other day, and we were given pasta and cake, she kept asking for cake out loud! Parang PG! lol. Oh well, she does all the time whenever she’s within a meter of baked goodies. And as testament, I am posting these photos:

As in she literally ran to the display! She’s sooo cute, mala-pulubi ang style, my poor baby. People might think we don’t feed you!

To the best father in the whole world

…thank you for being there for Mischa and me. You have taken love to a whole new level. You’ve never been but the best and most awesome. Despite the setbacks and challenges we face, I am confident that we will get pass whatever comes our way. Whatever words I could come up with could not do justice for the way you take care of your family. We love you so much, I couldn’t ask for more ๐Ÿ™‚

Jose Rizal @ 150

Maligayang kaarawan sa iyo, aming bayani! Wala kang kupas. Napapaisip lang ako minsan kung anong sasabihin mo kung sakaling nabubuhay ka pa sa ngayon. Makikisawsaw ka kaya sa pulitika ng bansa? O ipagpapatuloy mo lang ang pagsusulat mo? Kung ano man, wish ko lang na lahat ng Pilipino ngayon ay naaappreciate pa lahat ng itinuro mo noon. Sana makabuluhan pa ito para sa kanila. Sana hindi ka disappointed sa kalagayan ng ating bansa, ng mamamayan nito. You rock! Siguro ipagdasal mo na lang kami sa langit.

The urge is knocking again

If only will and desire could buy anything and everything, we would have our own place by now. We know of course that while we will always have a place to stay with my folks, or at his sisters’ house (they have since migrated), getting our own always claims the top spot of our wish list. I’ve been dreaming of it since time immemorial but it has especially tugged at our hearts in the last couple of months. Partly because of difficulties with pakikisama when you’re not in your own turf, but mostly because of our own wanting to provide a home to our kid and future ones. The question lies on whether our meager income can accommodate a balloon in our daily/weekly/monthly for getting a house is no joke nowadays. And I must admit that the prospect of paying for this home for the rest of our working and productive lives doesn’t look very pretty at all. But of course, deep in our hearts, the security that we will build far outweighs all the apprehensions we have.

Today, we went to our first tripping/site visit. The feeling as I visited models units was indescribable. I was elated, excited, afraid, disappointed, all at once. It was like I was all ready to move in! Sigh! I know we would need to look into more showrooms, inspect more model houses, to find that “this is it!” home. We need to be more patient, more madiskarte to have more income, and more prayerful at that. I mustn’t get ahead of myself and begin planning in my mind the furniture and decor I would do around my dream house. It’s just it’s so hard not to picture coming home everyday to a place you can call yours. I can’t wait for the day that the kids would go running to welcome us home after a long day at the office.