So last year I wanted to start driving again. Earlier this year, I was bugging hubby to let me enroll myself but budgetary constraints didn’t let me. But my being held helpless (overacting I know) whenever I have my own lakad but I couldn’t go without having to drag hubby made me resolved to really get into driving school. And so I did. And I passed with flying colors yipee! Got the shortest course since I feel I still know the basics but only need the confidence to get on the road again. Oh yeah! Of course, I know the hubby still wouldn’t let me go by myself for a while. Hmmm I think he would not even let me drive even with him there. But I’ll get my way around this. I wouldn’t want to kill myself, would I? Or even dent the car? Because that would mean additional expenses, which I don’t need right now.

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