Baby Rylee

My n@wie family is reeling from shock and pain right now. One of our sisters, Escie and her husband, Rudy, lost their 19-day old son, Rylee, over the weekend. I had to try really hard to keep my tears from falling as I read how Escie recounted the final day and hours of Rylee’s life. He fought and struggled, and endured so much pain, before the Lord claimed the borrowed life. It was especially hard for our virtual family because we bore witness to Escie losing another child last year to miscarriage. Now another child was taken away from them. And yet, she has surrendered humbly to the will of God. I couldn’t even begin to think if it was me. I don’t know if I will have the courage to be as strong and faithful as she is. She may have a lot of questions now, starting with the “why me’s”, but instead of dwelling on it, she has accepted her fate with abandon although everything is probably tearing her apart. Oh how must she feel! I wish we all could hug them and be with them is this time of need.

Dear Lord, please bless Escie’s heart.

Goodbye little Rylee. Rest in peace forever.

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