A Wedding Like No Other

And so they were wed amidst the fanfare, pomp and adoration accorded to them by the world at large. Many stayed glued to their television screens Friday morning (night here in the Philippines) to watch, some in awe, some in incredulity, some in distaste for the grandeur being footed by the British people (but curious nonetheless). All eyes were on the commoner as she snagged her rightful place in the arms of her prince. Sigh, of course it was fairytale at best. Who in their right minds would not want such a glamorous and almost worry-free life (for the commoner me at least, who worries about bills and whatnots every week)?

Me, I just wished that particular moment that I could walk down the aisle again wearing that classy and elegant gown by Sarah Burton. Kate got some flak for donning a gown as simple as that. But really, it was so…her. And while I love Princess Diana to death, when I knew her as a young girl, often times ogling over how eerily gorgeous she was, the gown the late Princess chose was not one for the books. The poufy look would become so passe as time went by, whereas Kate’s so timeless, she would not cringe years from now when she pores over her wedding albums. Oh well, Diana’s beauty never seems to fade anyhow despite her passing away some 13(?) years ago.

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