First Haircut

Babies tend to have their first haircuts round their first birthday. Mischa only had hers last weekend at 22 months, not counting the time I accidentally pulled a lock of hair because of a knot (don’t worry, it didn’t hurt her). Why we put it off this long, I’m not sure. Maybe because she’s too sensitive when somebody touches her hair and mommy was afraid she’d go berserk once seated on the salon seat. But with the heat of summer constantly giving her a look of basang sisiw because her hair is always plastered to her neck, we decided to do the haircut.

So off we went to Kids Hair Salon at Robinson’s Galleria after her flu shot at the spanking new Medical Arts Building of PGH (I should write about this but we didn’t get to take pictures). As expected, she showed signs of distress the minute we tried putting her down on the “car” seat. Lately she has this habit of clinging to mommy’s leg whenever she feels threatened or scared. And so she tried clutching on and protesting like there was no tomorrow. She got a bit distracted when the barber/hairdresser (pardon but I really couldn’t tell if it was a he or she) put on Barney on the mini screen in front of her. He/She managed to put on an apron round her neck and began spraying on water on her hair. But she still wouldn’t sit down so we did the thing with her standing up and holding on to mommy for dear life. The barber cut her hair real good and fast but I think the staff there lacked some skills in dealing with children considering it was an establishment made for kids. It was good that they have the TV, some toys and all, but really, no one was minding my kid. Oh well. The end result was good, no hair was falling on her face anymore. She still looks mighty pretty!

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