Easter Sunday

As a Catholic, I am not proud to say that I didn’t so much as reflect on Christ’s death and resurrection during this year’s Holy Week. Instead, the three of us quietly spent the time at home, played a lot, learned together and did chores. When I was younger, I remember going to church with my folks amidst the dead heat of summer (as Lenten season always falls on March or April). We would participate in prayers and rituals of the last supper, and then the eventual procession of Jesus’ and Mary’s statues around our village while saying the rosary. On Sunday mornings, we would get up early and watch the salubong, where the risen Christ and His mother would “meet” with little girls in crisp white dresses as angels hovering above them, and spraying flower petals on the mother and son. I sometimes miss these traditions but I have a different life now, which sadly has not left much for church activities. I know I should never forget the rituals and the lessons behind them though. I guess it’s something I should pass on to my daughter in the future.

Anyway, I am glad anyhow that we got to hear mass on Easter Sunday, yay! Went to Greenbelt to catch the late morning mass before meeting the rest of the family for lunch. Hmmm, truth be told, bringing a toddler to mass is not the best idea these days. How can you explain the importance of keeping still to a bundle of energy so that we, and the people around us, could concentrate on the service? And as we managed to only snatch some space outside the chapel because of the turnout of people hearing mass that day, the little critter wanted to run and dart and play. She seemed fascinated with people, dogs, plants, other babies, the stores, and savored being outside even though it was a hot and humid day.

Then it was lunch at John and Yoko Restaurant. I’m loving Japanese fusion. Devoured a platter of salmon sashimi (which nobody touched except hubby and only a piece at that!), beef teppanyaki, ebi tempura and japanese rice. Will try to post pictures in another post.

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