Of alphabets and numbers

To continue from my previous post, Mischa has been showing great signs of learning and lapping up of anything and everything she sees, hears, and touches.

I just want to put on record that she has successful completed singing the ABCs save for the part of L-M-N-O, which she mumbles through really fast (quite understandable). She has also since mastered counting from one to ten a few weeks ago. And as of today, her favorite song is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, which when sang, elicits the last words of each phrase/sentence, such as “star”, “are”, “high”, “sky”. As for the dancing, well, she learned to sway and swing before she learned to walk.

I’m just one proud momma. Again, I just realized I should be home all the time because I can focus on teaching her and providing the right environment and tools to help her learning. I wish, I wish..

Another thought to ponder on: will we be school-hopping soon? Have to save up for this. She’s really growing up sooo fast!

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