I vaguely remember mentioning before (memory hazy now, thanks to General Anesthesia) that I have been shuffled back and forth between the Projects Management and the Planning Office. I stayed for the longest time at this unit (PMD), and it was where I enjoyed my stay here the most, working alongside some of my better friends. During our teambuilding a week ago, we were asked to cite our best team experience in the office, and I gladly recalled how we efficiently worked together before. We were able to translate our friendship and rapport into something worthwhile. We were such a great team if I say so myself. We can run our division on our own, and I really felt at my best professionally and personally. Outside of our official functions, we won several inter-division friendly “competitions”. More importantly, outside of the office, we shared life experiences such as travels, problems and what nots. Sometime in the last three years, our companionship fell apart when we were separated by management in the guise of “in the exigencies of the service”. Some of us left after this, some transferred to other divisions, including myself, while others left for greener pastures.

Now I’m back to where I started. I don’t know if I am a better person now because I certainly don’t feel like it. I had to grope my way through again despite knowing the ins and outs of the unit, and could perform tasks blindfolded before. For one, I and another colleague are the only vestiges of a previous era. Different faces and different systems now line the place. And I now proclaim myself a different role with them. Whereas before I was with equals who were learning alongside me, I now feel that I have to serve as some sort of mentor to them. I so feel like an older sister although I’m not sure if they feel the same towards me. lol. Anyway, most of them make my stay here bearable and fun, although some have been the source of stress for me. It’s a very different ballgame now.

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