Simple joys

I remember a couple of weekends ago, yaya-less but needing to run errands, we braved the sale at the mall. We braced ourselves for lots of arm brushing, pushing, jostling and a cranky kid to boot.

To my delight, things went smoothly. The toddler was happy to tag along and immensely enjoyed staring at the shops and people. She continuously pointed at balloons peppering store entrances. Until finally, we relented and bought her one. It was rather simple, canary-colored and in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head. But the look on Mischa’s face, awesome! It was pure, unadulterated happiness. The balloon cost me Php15, but her reaction was priceless. I fell in love all over again. And all the way home and the days after, she kept on brandishing it like a talisman. She would always ask for it, and would hold on to the stick with her chubby fist even during mealtimes. She kept this along with Barney, Patrick, the unnamed dog and fish, in her company, until the balloon’s dying day a week after we bought it.

Such are the simple joys of life. Don’t we all ever wish that sometimes we were kids again? That we would find happiness again in looking up at the birds and airplanes? That we would laugh our hearts out as we chase puppies or kittens? I am relearning now, and watching the world through the eyes of my young daughter. And again, I am committing myself to making the world a better place for her, that I may always see love and beauty through her joy and laughter.

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