John and Yoko

Just some pictures here since my review of the John and Yoko is very simple. The Japanese fusion restaurant where we had Easter lunch, located in Greenbelt 5, is weirdly similar in design, food and ambiance to Mr. Kurosawa’s in Eastwood. Hmmm, I wonder if they have the same owners. Anyway, I would give Mr. Kurosawa a bit of an edge when it comes to taste, but John and Yoko would have my thumbs up.

Oh,and I especially liked my blue iced tea made of calamansi. Very refreshing. Too bad I didn’t get to take a photo of it.

I love it that Mischa was trying to spear everything on the plate in front of her with chopsticks. So cute!

*no photos of tempura, yakisoba and japanese fried rice.

Easter Sunday

As a Catholic, I am not proud to say that I didn’t so much as reflect on Christ’s death and resurrection during this year’s Holy Week. Instead, the three of us quietly spent the time at home, played a lot, learned together and did chores. When I was younger, I remember going to church with my folks amidst the dead heat of summer (as Lenten season always falls on March or April). We would participate in prayers and rituals of the last supper, and then the eventual procession of Jesus’ and Mary’s statues around our village while saying the rosary. On Sunday mornings, we would get up early and watch the salubong, where the risen Christ and His mother would “meet” with little girls in crisp white dresses as angels hovering above them, and spraying flower petals on the mother and son. I sometimes miss these traditions but I have a different life now, which sadly has not left much for church activities. I know I should never forget the rituals and the lessons behind them though. I guess it’s something I should pass on to my daughter in the future.

Anyway, I am glad anyhow that we got to hear mass on Easter Sunday, yay! Went to Greenbelt to catch the late morning mass before meeting the rest of the family for lunch. Hmmm, truth be told, bringing a toddler to mass is not the best idea these days. How can you explain the importance of keeping still to a bundle of energy so that we, and the people around us, could concentrate on the service? And as we managed to only snatch some space outside the chapel because of the turnout of people hearing mass that day, the little critter wanted to run and dart and play. She seemed fascinated with people, dogs, plants, other babies, the stores, and savored being outside even though it was a hot and humid day.

Then it was lunch at John and Yoko Restaurant. I’m loving Japanese fusion. Devoured a platter of salmon sashimi (which nobody touched except hubby and only a piece at that!), beef teppanyaki, ebi tempura and japanese rice. Will try to post pictures in another post.

Of alphabets and numbers

To continue from my previous post, Mischa has been showing great signs of learning and lapping up of anything and everything she sees, hears, and touches.

I just want to put on record that she has successful completed singing the ABCs save for the part of L-M-N-O, which she mumbles through really fast (quite understandable). She has also since mastered counting from one to ten a few weeks ago. And as of today, her favorite song is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, which when sang, elicits the last words of each phrase/sentence, such as “star”, “are”, “high”, “sky”. As for the dancing, well, she learned to sway and swing before she learned to walk.

I’m just one proud momma. Again, I just realized I should be home all the time because I can focus on teaching her and providing the right environment and tools to help her learning. I wish, I wish..

Another thought to ponder on: will we be school-hopping soon? Have to save up for this. She’s really growing up sooo fast!

Why I sometimes dream of being a SAHM

It’s taking a really long time for me to move on. I’m almost laughing at myself, I can’t believe I’m still grumbling about the loss of my helper. In my two years of marriage being a wife and mother, I must say that the biggest difficulty we have and continue to encounter is the absence of a decent nanny.

We have been shuttling back and forth between houses so that Mischa can have someone look over her. In the month’s time that former yaya has gone home to unemployment to her home province (I am not happy, really I’m not), Mischa has gone through the hands of my mom, mother in law, her ninong, her ninong’s helper, and us of course during weekends. It has not been easy considering we have drag with us luggages and various kid contraptions like sterilizer, bottles, booster seat, containers, to name a few. And those are just her stuff. Let’s not go into ours.

Then there’s the constant adjustment we all have to endure whenever she changes guardian hands as she does not take too easily with strangers although these are not strangers at all. She’s just not used to being with them. Being her mother, my antenna has been up and in fifth gear with worry.

Hay baby girl, I wish I could stay home and be with you and take care of you. I wish we didn’t have to worry about earning much. I wish I am the one who plays with you all the day and sees to it that your every need is met. Properly. You have been so wonderful what with all the things you are learning and soaking up. I wish to God that I could be there every single day so that I could be the one to teach you and guide you. Alas, I can only offer you mornings before I have to rush to work, and nights (when you are still awake by the time we get home) to lull you to sleep. I can only devote weekends to you. Even then, my hands and time are limited because I have chores. I know these are taking away my quality time with you. Don’t you worry baby, we’ll find someone soon. Hopefully we’ll be able to settle down to our old routine soon.


I vaguely remember mentioning before (memory hazy now, thanks to General Anesthesia) that I have been shuffled back and forth between the Projects Management and the Planning Office. I stayed for the longest time at this unit (PMD), and it was where I enjoyed my stay here the most, working alongside some of my better friends. During our teambuilding a week ago, we were asked to cite our best team experience in the office, and I gladly recalled how we efficiently worked together before. We were able to translate our friendship and rapport into something worthwhile. We were such a great team if I say so myself. We can run our division on our own, and I really felt at my best professionally and personally. Outside of our official functions, we won several inter-division friendly “competitions”. More importantly, outside of the office, we shared life experiences such as travels, problems and what nots. Sometime in the last three years, our companionship fell apart when we were separated by management in the guise of “in the exigencies of the service”. Some of us left after this, some transferred to other divisions, including myself, while others left for greener pastures.

Now I’m back to where I started. I don’t know if I am a better person now because I certainly don’t feel like it. I had to grope my way through again despite knowing the ins and outs of the unit, and could perform tasks blindfolded before. For one, I and another colleague are the only vestiges of a previous era. Different faces and different systems now line the place. And I now proclaim myself a different role with them. Whereas before I was with equals who were learning alongside me, I now feel that I have to serve as some sort of mentor to them. I so feel like an older sister although I’m not sure if they feel the same towards me. lol. Anyway, most of them make my stay here bearable and fun, although some have been the source of stress for me. It’s a very different ballgame now.

How to Build a Team

There was much hoopla about this year’s teambuilding activity because for the first time, an outside facilitator was asked to come in. As expected there were some resistance from the staff, partly because, there was no leveling off as to the planned activities versus the expectations of the people. We have been used to teams, themes, cheers, physical and mental games, and the like, which basically creates clean fun and harmless competition. This time, however, we were subjected to lectures and group activities that needed artwork, storytelling, etc., in short, the teambuilding became some sort of values formation class. Some appreciated the change, some just got bored out of their wits. I personally wanted to give the whole a chance before I say foul, but to be honest, I felt my head dropping to my chest a couple of times during the two days. It would have been a different matter if the activity was called a values formation seminar (or something to that effect).

Nonetheless, despite a very competent and more than able facilitator, I felt that, on the whole, the objective of bringing people closer together (teambuilding remember?), was not achieved.

The food was another matter. My God, if I would have to describe the word hideous, this would be it. I mean, I’m sorry, I don’t get to eat gourmet food all the time, I’m used to eating lutong bahay, but for a high-class resort such as Canyon Woods, the money spent was not worth it. At all. They couldn’t even get their utensils right. During the four meals served, we were consistently given soup spoons. We so felt like we were being served hospital food (read: sodium-free).

Oh well, I hope we do better next time. People have said their piece that there ought to be something done about this. There should be a middle ground to instilling values in the workplace and having fun. Forcing cooperation and camaraderie ain’t gonna cut it. Much like old people getting mad at younger ones because they do not accord them respect even if they don’t deserve it.

The classroom setting

The only outdoor activity

The only tradition left: Baptism of Fire

Big boss