In suburbia

Can I get real corny here?

I don’t know, but I was so happy, corny, romantic, and basically swelling with love at the sight of our home yesterday morning. It was like I was feeling all the warmth of the beautiful Sunday sun deep within my bones and settling over my being. To think that it was a very typical day for us. But I just gushed when I saw how the suburban feel of it all. The helper was out on an errand, I was making breakfast, the hubby was reading the morning paper, and the toddler was quietly poring over her books, pens, crayons, and toys, occasionally looking up and calling Mommy or Daddy.

The weekends have become so precious. As we live in the outskirts of Metro Manila, we spend a couple of hours just for travel. When I was younger, I swore that I would do what my parents did, and that is to waste precious hours on the road that leave them spent, and spares them minimal time at home. But alas, fate had other plans for me. Since we are just starting our family and cannot afford our own abode yet, we play housekeeper for my sister-in-law. Thus, we fell into the trap of living at the suburbs while earning our keep at the metropolis. It’s just the way it is. For now, anyway.

I just hope I don’t miss out too much on my daughter’s growing up years–and she’s at it in an awfully fast way. I couldn’t believe the antics she has and the personality she’s developing into. I pray with all my might that He gives me the wisdom and temperance to raise her properly.

I savored the feeling so much that I hope to take it with me to sustain me the whole week. It’s my armor against all the negative things at work. And believe me, there are a lot.

I’ll be thinking of you, sweetie. Mommy loves you very much.

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