Mama Old’s Birthday Celebration

It was the first time that we celebrated one of my in-law’s birthday at our turf. It was very simple as there were just the four of us. We had pizza then cake and pasta at home. She stayed with us for a week and a half, and was part of the rotation of “caregivers” watching over the kid. While I love the grandmothers, this recent set-up of having no yaya is driving me a little crazy. But I’m surviving. Sort of.

Anyway, a toast to the new senior citizen. Hehe.

Quickie post on supervisory training

I’m back. And majorly swamped. It’s so effin’ hard to be away from Internet connection for a week. Thank God I have BB social on my phone or I’d probably gone mad πŸ™‚ I’m now furiously catching up on a gross number of e-mails and blog entries I missed for an entire week. Our connection at home is one for the dogs.

Anyway, I was on training for a supervisory course with other civil servants. Suffice to say, I learned some, got bored some, and got affirmed some. I was sooo glad to meet people of my age, and I really thought to myself that this country still has hope if only the young would run government. (ehehe) We really are a different breed than our elders πŸ˜€ It showed a lot during our workshops, the way we think, the way we act. I hope to bring in a lot of what I learned back to our workplace.

The Azkals

On a lighter note, the sports world is abuzz because of the recent triumphs of the Azkals, the Philippine National Football Team (soccer). Though basketball would remain the national sports of the country, there seems to be an opening of the hearts of Filipinos to the sport. It’s really sad that, previously, there seems to be little room for it as it fell back in popularity behind other ball games, boxing and martial arts. At least now, people are showing interest, partly due to the sudden spurt in winning games, and largely due (to a wide female and gay following) to the good looking half-Pinoys, half-Brits, Swedish, and a host of other nationalities, being true to their adopted name (literally translated to mutt or half-breed).

I’m not really a big soccer fan myself. Tried to get myself interested in it years ago when it became popular with college friends, alas, I find the sport really tiring, what with all that running back and forth that huge field, with very little chances of scoring. My blood, however, gets excited with basketball (I am quite the die-hard Ginebra and Lebron James fan although I hardly get to watch the games these days) and volleyball (which I played in my younger years). I remember cheering really hard while watching TV at home, and holding my breath in anticipation whenever the games turn to those nail-biting moments.

But I think there is really hope in soccer for Filipinos. It is of those sports that would make us excel in the international arena as speed and great diskarte are needed, not height, which Filipinos greatly lack. I’m crossing my fingers that they get all the way into the AFC Challenge Cup finals. It was fun watching their games against Mongolia. Too bad they lost the second one in frozen fields of Ulaan Bator. We can’t wait as they face Myanmar, Palestine and Bangladesh next.

Who knows, the World Cup might not be far behind.

Sendai tragedy

The recent series of events, which centers around the major, major earthquake that hit Japan over the weekend has left the world in horror and terror. Those of us who were monitoring the news through the net, Twitter and Facebook, and being glued to the TV, can only watch in shock. It was devastating to say the least. The world watched as building after building, vehicle after vehicle, were swept by the tide. People were seen scrambling for their lives.

It was Mother Earth at her fury.

Many of us even braced ourselves for the possible tsunami that may reverberate throughout the countries surrounding the Pacific Ocean. It was thought to hit the eastern parts of the Philippines, Cagayan Province included, where hubby’s family lives. We prayed and prayed, and thankfully, the tsunami hit the country almost like a caress.

But it doesn’t end there. To date, Japan, Sendai in particular, and its surroundings are still in great danger because of the nuclear plant explosions brought about by the destruction.

We need to call on the Almighty. And we must listen to Him.

Good riddance

It was all over in a heartbeat. Gosh, I feel so ridiculous because I feel like I am reeling from a heartbreak. I even spent a sleepless night and shed tears for the ungrateful yaya. Yes, the bitterness is there. I’m sorry I can’t help it. I want to punch myself for feeling so bereft and forlorn.

After my overly positive post about how beautiful our weekends are, came this. And out of nowhere I might add. I really had no inkling that the yaya was planning to go home. She seemed completely at ease and comfortable round us, the house and most especially her ward, Mischa. Then she brought this on us real hard. Of course, we couldn’t stop her if indeed she wants to go home to her family. But this soon? She told us Friday, and we said that she ought to give us time to find a replacement for us. I mean, she’s been with us for more than a year. She knows how crazy our schedule is, having to leave in the wee hours of the morning and going home really late, regrettably leaving us very little time for our daughter the entire workweek. She knows how important she is. We trust her with our lives, most importantly our child’s life.

I’m grumbling. I’m so freaking disappointed. She said she couldn’t take care of Mischa anymore. I deeply, deeply feel the rejection. My exact thoughts were “how could she not love my daughter anymore, hindi sya mahirap mahalin!“. I was doubly hurt the whole weekend everytime I see Mischa looking at her everytime they pass each other, callling on to her “Ate”, smiling up at her, doing her peekaboo, making funny faces at her, and basically looking up trustingly at her, perhaps wondering why she wasn’t being picked up. How could she turn away from that? At ura-urada pa. Hindi na makahintay kahit isang linggo na lang nya pagtiisan yung bata!. My eyes are welling up again. I can’t write anymore.

I will get over this. Good riddance.

In suburbia

Can I get real corny here?

I don’t know, but I was so happy, corny, romantic, and basically swelling with love at the sight of our home yesterday morning. It was like I was feeling all the warmth of the beautiful Sunday sun deep within my bones and settling over my being. To think that it was a very typical day for us. But I just gushed when I saw how the suburban feel of it all. The helper was out on an errand, I was making breakfast, the hubby was reading the morning paper, and the toddler was quietly poring over her books, pens, crayons, and toys, occasionally looking up and calling Mommy or Daddy.

The weekends have become so precious. As we live in the outskirts of Metro Manila, we spend a couple of hours just for travel. When I was younger, I swore that I would do what my parents did, and that is to waste precious hours on the road that leave them spent, and spares them minimal time at home. But alas, fate had other plans for me. Since we are just starting our family and cannot afford our own abode yet, we play housekeeper for my sister-in-law. Thus, we fell into the trap of living at the suburbs while earning our keep at the metropolis. It’s just the way it is. For now, anyway.

I just hope I don’t miss out too much on my daughter’s growing up years–and she’s at it in an awfully fast way. I couldn’t believe the antics she has and the personality she’s developing into. I pray with all my might that He gives me the wisdom and temperance to raise her properly.

I savored the feeling so much that I hope to take it with me to sustain me the whole week. It’s my armor against all the negative things at work. And believe me, there are a lot.

I’ll be thinking of you, sweetie. Mommy loves you very much.