Is how I feel right now. My initial reaction upon hearing the news of the resignation of one of our embattled colleagues at work because of charges (albeit informally) of 1) sexual harassment about two years ago; and 2) serious disobedience or discourtesy or disrespect was shock and disbelief. (am not really sure about the correct term for that last one because the charges were recalled as fast as they were submitted. read: somebody chickened out because he replied with a counteraffidavit of his own which would implicate her/them/a host of other people on a different case. but that’s another matter).

For the freakin record, I don’t have any personal thing against him. In fact, we work quite well together. He’s a great manager, you have to give him that. Sumabit na lang talaga at wala nang kawala. Sayang. And we used to be friends a number of years back. Actually he and an ex were on friendly terms so by association, we were on “joking” terms. I used to make harot and hug him and sit on his lap. He used to be so quiet, unassuming, minding his own business and just plain working hard. And he smelled so nice, too. Hehe. Things changed a bit when he became OIC, and he became my superior. Of course, I distanced myself since it’s only proper. Then he associated himself with people I don’t really believe in. I would believe that some of the work ethics, which were not nice at all were imbibed in him. Sigh. I don’t know why. We all used to work hard and we pride ourselves on being a different breed of civil servants. But then somebody came along and a culture of tsismis was perpetuated, along with the serving of self-interests. He really changed a lot. In some ways, who could blame him. I knew that he was too smart to really believe in the “capabilities” of some people. But he showed he did. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he climbed up the ladder. Frankly, he could have, with or without the “assistance” of that person because he has already proven how competent and hardworking he is.

I’m not happy nor sad he’s going. Some are. Personally, I didn’t want to drive him away because he got off the hook easily because of 1) former bosses were his allies and the sexual harassment thing was swiped clean right under our noses, and witnesses were either coerced into hiding; and 2) as mentioned above. I just wanted some kind of process. This does not bode well for employees. It has disgruntled some, and does not set a very good example for the younger employees at all. Too bad I couldn’t voice my thoughts much because I stand to gain if somehow he falls. And I didn’t want that. I want to go up through my own merit. Somehow I got affected by some unkind remarks that I was happy to see him go. Again, I’m not. He has to answer for the issues he created.

But he’s gone now. I actually pity him. So sayang.

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