HK series: Disneyland

What’s a trip to Hongkong with a child and children at heart without Disneyland on your itinerary? Thus, Disney was the first thing we did among the usual tourist attractions.

We had fun although the hubby’s and my arms felt like they had intense workouts because the toddler wouldn’t like to walk for the duration of the trip. Or if she did, she would wander away without any care of getting lost in a place where English is not a universal language. We thought that strollers for rent inside the park would be the answer to our prayers but no! Mischa got in the contraption and started wailing 5 minutes into it. So there went my HK$60. Our bags rode the thing instead. Oh well.

Anyway despite the obvious exhaustion, mostly from lack of sleep from the night before, and carrying Mischa and her stuff, Disneyland is Disneyland. It brought out the kids in us, with special emphasis on this mommy. Too bad we didn’t get to visit many of the attractions inside but it was as fun as it could get. Most of all, the fireworks display to cap the night was the most fabulous I’ve seen so far.

p.s. Didn’t buy any stuff inside the stores however cute they were. The prices were unbelievable.

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