HK series: First time traveller

I did promise that I would be writing a longer post about our trip to Hongkong in the last week of January. Needless to say, it’s been a couple of weeks and I haven’t followed up on it because of, guess what, work. I’m not making excuses, I was, and will continue to be swamped with work until God knows when. I just managed to sneak in one blog post in that period.

So anyway, back to the point at hand, as we have tons of photos (partida pa yan, naglowbat ang cam namin), I think I will be sorting them out by groups and do a series of posts about our trip.

To start off, I am dedicating this post to my dearest Mama. As I have kindly mentioned here, my parents do not have any ounce of desire to see the world. Or at least they show no signs of it. They are perfectly content to stay in their little corner. The most they would travel for is see their granddaughter. And so they did. This is the first time my mom ever set foot outside the Philippines. Make that out of Luzon. The farthest she’s ever been to, I think, is Baguio. And that was during their honeymoon in ’72 and when our family took a trip when I was 10. My dad, on the other hand, was an OFW who worked as an administrative aide at the King Fahad Hospital in Riyadh in the mid-80s so he went back and forth the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

So here is Mama on her first adventure woohoo!

The flight was delayed by about two hours and since it was way past midnight, the rest of us were plain dog tired. She, however, remained up and alert, not because she was excited, but because she was continuously praying the rosary. Hay, my mother!

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