The Snatcher

It was unnerving to watch a cellphone being snatched from a lady aboard a jeepney. The moment I saw this guy (it was sad, he looked about 16 or 17) hovering on the side of a jeepney during traffic along Magsaysay Boulevard in Sta. Mesa, I knew he was up to something. He was fidgeting, and he had his arm dodging in and out of the open window for a few seconds before he went in for the kill. It was a total struggle. The lady wouldn’t give up her hold, and presumably a seatmate was trying to help her hold on to it. Desperate, the kid snatcher bit on to her arm (or was it hand, I really couldn’t tell from the distance). She finally let go and away went the kid, even bouncing a bit on the hood of our car as he fled the scene.

All the while, all I could do was say “oh my God, oh my God!”. Hubby said he could’ve bumped the guy so that he would be stopped from getting away. I said, selfishly, that it would take much time, effort and paperwork just to get through the procedure of having the police examine their way through. Besides, the kid snatcher might have some lookouts on the side. Who knows who have knives, guns or other weapons. I was too afraid of what would happen if one of us sets foot outside of our enclosed car. (Does that make me a bad citizen?.)

What has the world come to?

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