Latest antics of Mischa

I know I haven’t posted enough entries about Mischa’s milestones. Needless to say, most of them are etched into Mommy’s memory, and I am not likely to forget them anytime soon. But come a few months’ or years’ time, I might actually forget when these happened.

Anyhoo, our general assessment is: Mischa has become such a gaya-gaya puto-maya (copycat). She imitates everything we do or say, thus, the need to be more careful about our words and actions. It is this stage that we hope to seriously instill values she can understand, such as sharing, being polite (saying please and thank you), and sort of teach her the concept of religion. It is also the time when we start making her realize that not everything revolves around her. And as most literature on childhood rearing and development would advise parents: Be a role model! And we’re trying to do just that. So help us God!

Anyway (again), we noticed that she was doing things that we initially wondered where she got these from. Cases in point: 1) she got hold of nail cutter and began making motions on her toes 2) she tries to take photos of herself with the cellphone turned backward towards her.

Hmmm yaya, what have you been doing while ate and kuya are away?


Yes, now I am. I know it’s been around for a while now but I am having a hard time keeping up with all my social networking accounts (read: Farmville and Citiville teehee) and this blog. But, as I constantly need channels/tools/ways to siphon off all the negative energies I imbibe throughout the day, I was convinced to sign up so that I could scream all I want without having to contend with bosses or colleagues reading my status as Facebook is wont to do. To date, I have six followers and am following a host of friends and an assortment of personalities whose blogs I follow, such as Daphne Osena Paez (I so love her), Carlos Celdran, Jim Paredes, Chuvaness, Topaz Mommy, and other news sites. So there.

HK series: Symphony of Lights and Promenade

The whole show was just so-so for me. I don’t know if it was actually because we were having a bit of a problem (as a family) or because I was tired already or because we were looking at hours and hours of waiting for our midnight flight and we have already checked out. We were at the homestretch of our trip and the constant carrying and running after a toddler, not enjoying meals, and dealing with the needs of the oldies have probably taken its toll. Anyway, had it been any other day, I would probably enjoyed it. Again, charge all these to experience. Photos here:

HK series: Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds, home of famous wax figures, which originated in Europe in the 1700s, has a branch in Hongkong. You can read about its history here. As this museum is at Victoria Peak (right after you get off the tram), we paid it a visit. It was of those times that we were able to enjoy the “sights” since the toddler was fast asleep in my arms. One thing I noticed here though, is that about half of figures were Chinese stars, many of which I don’t recognize save for Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Yao Ming. I would surmise that the museums differ in every branch, depending on who is famous there. London, New York and Washington, DC, Las Vegas and Hollywood would house the more global celebrities, I guess. How wonderful it would be if Manila can be home to one branch. But alas, I don’t think the humid climate would permit it.

Anyhow, these are some of the residents of the Hongkong branch, starting with Madama Tussaud herself.

HK series: Victoria Peak

General comment: It was a very foggy day, hence, the quality of the pictures. But it was nice and scenic, and as always, I love riding public transpo in other countries. In each of my travels abroad, I make it a point to ride their trains, buses, etc. Aside from eating local food, going through the city the “local” way forms part of my adventure. This time, it was the 10-minute ferry, the double decker (similar to the ones they have in London) and the tram.


Is how I feel right now. My initial reaction upon hearing the news of the resignation of one of our embattled colleagues at work because of charges (albeit informally) of 1) sexual harassment about two years ago; and 2) serious disobedience or discourtesy or disrespect was shock and disbelief. (am not really sure about the correct term for that last one because the charges were recalled as fast as they were submitted. read: somebody chickened out because he replied with a counteraffidavit of his own which would implicate her/them/a host of other people on a different case. but that’s another matter).

For the freakin record, I don’t have any personal thing against him. In fact, we work quite well together. He’s a great manager, you have to give him that. Sumabit na lang talaga at wala nang kawala. Sayang. And we used to be friends a number of years back. Actually he and an ex were on friendly terms so by association, we were on “joking” terms. I used to make harot and hug him and sit on his lap. He used to be so quiet, unassuming, minding his own business and just plain working hard. And he smelled so nice, too. Hehe. Things changed a bit when he became OIC, and he became my superior. Of course, I distanced myself since it’s only proper. Then he associated himself with people I don’t really believe in. I would believe that some of the work ethics, which were not nice at all were imbibed in him. Sigh. I don’t know why. We all used to work hard and we pride ourselves on being a different breed of civil servants. But then somebody came along and a culture of tsismis was perpetuated, along with the serving of self-interests. He really changed a lot. In some ways, who could blame him. I knew that he was too smart to really believe in the “capabilities” of some people. But he showed he did. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he climbed up the ladder. Frankly, he could have, with or without the “assistance” of that person because he has already proven how competent and hardworking he is.

I’m not happy nor sad he’s going. Some are. Personally, I didn’t want to drive him away because he got off the hook easily because of 1) former bosses were his allies and the sexual harassment thing was swiped clean right under our noses, and witnesses were either coerced into hiding; and 2) as mentioned above. I just wanted some kind of process. This does not bode well for employees. It has disgruntled some, and does not set a very good example for the younger employees at all. Too bad I couldn’t voice my thoughts much because I stand to gain if somehow he falls. And I didn’t want that. I want to go up through my own merit. Somehow I got affected by some unkind remarks that I was happy to see him go. Again, I’m not. He has to answer for the issues he created.

But he’s gone now. I actually pity him. So sayang.

Flowers for the man

Yep, it’s my first time ever to give someone flowers. As I said to hubby, in the short time we’ve been together, we’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day because it’s so cheesy and Hallmark-y. But I wanted to do something special this time around. Just because.

Someone at the office almost spoiled the surprise because he told hubby that the flowers “he ordered for me” have come. Caught by surprise, the hubby called me up to ask if I was expecting flowers from someone else. I almost hit him. hehe. Ordered these online. I specially avoided the usual red, and chose instead a combination of yellows and purples. They’re nice eh?