Another tick on the calendar

Two years and counting! Yay! Make that three. I have to explain to everybody who sent greetings that we’re actually celebrating our second wedding anniversary and third as bf/gf. Yep, both fall on the same date. We were walking down the aisle as we celebrated our first year of being together. Been two years since we said our I do’s.

With all the madness going around our workplace, we almost didn’t get to celebrate at all. We weren’t actually planning on anything since we’re saving up for our upcoming trip to Hongkong later this weekend. But the hubby surprised me with gifts two days in a row. *blush*. So now, I’m pressured because I haven’t gotten him anything. And with my crazy schedule, I can’t steal away a few hours to go somewhere to buy something decent. I’m lucky if I could sit on my desk for an hour with all the meetings I have to attend and prepare for. And I have to go away for two days for a planning workshop out of town. Goodness! Thank God for the few minutes that I could squeeze in this post at lunch today.

Anyway, we stole away a very simple dinner last night to cap the day off. It was nothing fancy like we hoped for but we loved it anyway. It was good to just sit together without worrying about anything. We’re just going to have a blast in HK.

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