Mr. Kurosawa

Over the weekend, we celebrated my parents’ 39th wedding anniversary. There was no big fuss actually. As always, the grannies are content with whatever activity we will do so long as the baby was there. Maybe next year, we can try something big for the Ruby anniversary. Anyhow, we are gearing up for our Hongkong trip later this month anyway.

We all met at Eastwood Mall, and picked Mr. Kurosawa to have our celebratory meal. Now, I am no connoisseur but I know good food and a good meal when I have one. Mr. Kurosawa definitely perked up my interest and appetite. When I came back from Canada for a very brief trip, I thought that I was going to swear off Japanese food for a while. I still don’t know why most of our hosts gorged us with Japanese food for the duration of our stay.

Anyway, Mr. Kurosawa, located at the ground floor of Eastwood Mall, is Euro-Japanese. We initially went to Mr. Choi, a newly-opened Chinese restaurant, but alas, they have no high chairs for babies/toddlers so scratch that. We found ourselves then at a nice, cozy corner table at Mr. Kurosawa. Me likey the contrast of the dim interiors with the bright panels on the ceiling and walls.

The food was just absolutely delish! To say we were sated would be an understatement. We walked out the resto indecently blissful and contented. Pano ba naman, for five adults, we ordered the following:

  • Oyster Overload
  • Tempura Fondue
  • Assorted Sashimi
  • Ebi Fry Pesto
  • Beef Teppan
  • Tofu Steak
  • Salmon Teriyaki
  • Crabsticks wrapped in Bacon
  • Garlic and Mushroom Rice
  • Scallop Rice

Even the little one feasted on the rice.  Kanin pa lang, ulam na.  lol.  Too bad we didn’t get to take photos of all the food.  Gluttony took over the need for posterity.

Looks good, right? They taste good, too. Not bland, nor overly tasty. Thumbs up!

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