I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions because a) you tend to forget them after a month or so, b) you can choose to change something anytime of the year, you don’t necessarily need a special occasion to do it, and c) it’s so damn hard to let go of old ways! I’m an old dog. lol. But generally, this year, I vow, or I will try my hardest, to be more accepting of things I cannot change. Just like the Desiderata, I hope that I can be more tolerant of things that normally annoy me or fire me up at the slightest provocation. I’ve had a lot of headaches and heartaches all throughout the year, which I mostly blame on other people’s actions or attitudes. But since some incidents keep on repeating itself over and over, and most, I have to live with, the best I can do is to quietly count to ten, and not let things affect me negatively. This method, I hope, will save me some wrinkles and lotsa frown lines. It’s a matter of perspective (I’m psyching myself here).

That’s for my general outlook for the year.  Here are is my checklist of specific things that I think I can manage to do, which ought to work (fingers crossed):

  • Be more tolerant of other people (baka may pinagdadaanan din sila).  I’m very impatient with slow people but I vow to be more understanding of them.
  • When somebody complains to me about other people (parang worse version ng sounding board), I will gently tell them that, since, I cannot do anything about it, maybe they can talk to the other parties themselves.  Not that I don’t want to be a good listener, because I still want to, but because I don’t want to be a party to the destruction of other people’s pagkatao.  I know I’m guilty of this myself, and I will try to avoid doing it, too.
  • Loosen up when it comes to Mischa.  I am such an overprotective, stage mother.  I need to accept the fact that she needs other people in her life, too.
  • Be thankful of what I have. My family is comfortable, we have more than good food on the table, we have some room for leisure, etc.  We’re luckier than most.  I shouldn’t wish for things that we cannot have.
  • Less griping about work.  Of course, I hope this is the year that I can finally land a job and workplace that I will like and love.  In the meantime, I should concentrate on getting the job done with the current one I have even though I always feel like I’m in hell when I go to work every single day. (I said less griping!!)
  • Run my household more efficiently and smoothly.  While I can take care of the cooking, my baby’s needs, taking stock of supplies, minding the bills, saving on electricity and stuff, I must admit I can’t handle the clutter.  I’m a bit of a hoarder and I’m kinda disorganized (except for baby’s things, which I really keep an eye on).
  • Manage our finances better.  If only I can find a way to save.  Or better yet, have income-generating activities like when I used to resell swarovski jewelry or co-manage a bar (which really didn’t earn actually) or invest in small businesses in the province (such as funding livestock).  Maybe I can sign up for those blog-paying sites or do a little business on the side.
  • Lastly, take care of myself better (self-explanatory).

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