Testing the limit

The terrible twos stage has come early in our household. At eighteen months, my daughter has given trumpo a whole new meaning. If she could turn over the couch, I know she would. Besides that, lahat na yata ng sungay nya gusto nyang palabasin. lol. Sometimes I’m beginning to be at my wits’ end trying to figure out where the shouting and tantrums are coming from. I always try to keep my cool and my emotions in check because I am a mother. It is my role to be understanding, to get why my toddler is acting up. I always try to look for signs, to discern patterns, find out what triggers her episodes. I have been yaya-less for about a week now since sending the helper off to see her family for the Christmas break, and I am beginning to wonder how she can take much of that, being you know, not related to Mischa. I guess sometimes kids behave around adults in different ways, and much to my consternation, she sometimes behaves badly when there are more people around who will pay attention to her. I’ve noticed this when she and I were left alone, and she pretty much keeps to herself. She’s content to be put in her play pen, browsing over her books, playing with her “toys”, and basically amusing herself with keys, cellphones, hair accessories, etc. But when both her father and I are at home, she behaves a little erratically-one minute she’s playing, the next, she’s throwing a spectacular show with tears streaming down her pretty little face, which is contorted by the most agonizing look you can find in a child. Once she even literally took a bite out of my hand because she wasn’t in the mood to be dressed. Sigh! And we had a lot of that over Christmas break in the presence of grandparents and uncles nonetheless.

Toddler survival guide anyone?

One thought on “Testing the limit

  1. A long time ago, my parents had a problem with my sister and her numerous temper tantrums so they took her to see a doctor. The doctor advised to cut down on the sugar. Once she was banned from sweets, her temper improved.

    The downside to this was that she started gulping down softdrinks when she thought no one was looking (basically, she parked herself underneath a cooler filled with Coke and drank straight from there as though there were no tomorrow…).

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