I wonder if my daughter will ever be bitten by wanderlust.

I also wonder if the sayings or pamahiins are true. That if you have certain birthmarks, prominent moles in particular, on your body, you tend to embody certain characteristics. Like these are pre-determined by nature or destiny or whatever you call it.

In this instance, does that mole on her left big toe portend of a lakwatsera on our hands?

Well, I don’t have a mole anywhere near my feet but I have always felt in my element whenever I get to travel. If only money wasn’t an issue, I’d have gone to the ends of the Earth in a heartbeat. There is infinite joy in discovering new things in the world. My love for books ever since I was a kid has instilled in me a sense of wonder and awe about this world we live in. While I absolutely delight in finding myself in the courts of glorious kingdoms, in the battlefields during medieval ages and world wars, in the romantic eras of Elizabethan and Victorian ages, in the rise of religions and civilizations, in the contemporary worlds of New York, it is my greatest dream to see and feel the places where these happened. I do not only wish to laugh, cry, gasp, love, feel characters in books, I want to experience and touch their lives.

I hope that my daughter would feel the same yearning, the same pleasure in discovering things. But of course, I pray that she has better success at realizing this than me.

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