My mental age

…is freakin’ 49!!! I really can’t figure out why. I took this test on a friend’s iPod touch, and after answering a bunch of totally unrelated questions, such as “do you turn off lights for economic rather than romantic reasons”, “do you make up your own words”, ” do you like reality TV shows”, “would you prefer Superman or Bill Clinton for a date”, and so on, I wound up with a mental age two decades more than my real one. Jeez. Do I really act old? Have I lost my youthful touch? Is this related to motherhood and managing your own household? Lol. (affected much?)

Anyway, as a pampalubag loob, the application assured me that:

Psychological studies reveal that those people with a mental age superior to their chronological age have a higher IQ than average. You live your life and have a world vision that is wise beyond your years (and you are probably very smart), but we would definitely recommend adopting some youthful attitudes. If you incorporate them into your life you will be smart AND youthful. What else can you ask for?

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