Testing the limit

The terrible twos stage has come early in our household. At eighteen months, my daughter has given trumpo a whole new meaning. If she could turn over the couch, I know she would. Besides that, lahat na yata ng sungay nya gusto nyang palabasin. lol. Sometimes I’m beginning to be at my wits’ end trying to figure out where the shouting and tantrums are coming from. I always try to keep my cool and my emotions in check because I am a mother. It is my role to be understanding, to get why my toddler is acting up. I always try to look for signs, to discern patterns, find out what triggers her episodes. I have been yaya-less for about a week now since sending the helper off to see her family for the Christmas break, and I am beginning to wonder how she can take much of that, being you know, not related to Mischa. I guess sometimes kids behave around adults in different ways, and much to my consternation, she sometimes behaves badly when there are more people around who will pay attention to her. I’ve noticed this when she and I were left alone, and she pretty much keeps to herself. She’s content to be put in her play pen, browsing over her books, playing with her “toys”, and basically amusing herself with keys, cellphones, hair accessories, etc. But when both her father and I are at home, she behaves a little erratically-one minute she’s playing, the next, she’s throwing a spectacular show with tears streaming down her pretty little face, which is contorted by the most agonizing look you can find in a child. Once she even literally took a bite out of my hand because she wasn’t in the mood to be dressed. Sigh! And we had a lot of that over Christmas break in the presence of grandparents and uncles nonetheless.

Toddler survival guide anyone?

My Christmas

Still have that writer’s block. I don’t know why I can’t seem to shake it off. Nothing much to blog about anyway. Went to a couple of parties, packed our bags and spent Christmas at my folks’ house, yadda yadda. But had fun because my daughter did. We both weren’t in the pink of health because of coughs and colds but still, it was a very warm holiday with my family complete. Couldn’t ask for more at this time ๐Ÿ™‚

Presidential Awards 2010

While I seem to be experiencing a little writer’s block these past few days, I just have to do a mini post here about a recent activity that our office held. I don’t know, I just can’t seem to put into words all of the things that I’m thinking and re-thinking at the moment. I want to write about the decision of the Supreme Court on the Vizconde case. I want to shout about my displeasure about how things are being run around here, and how I disgusted I am with others’ behavior and work ethics.. I want to post Mischa’s photos where she looked like a cross between Chun Li and Boo of Monsters, Inc. I want to blog about how I miss my old friends, especially during this time of the year, and how I feel so out of place sometimes with new ones. I want to rant on people who keeps on picking one me. But I just can’t. Not now anyway. All of it has just made me wearier by the day.

For now, I am posting pictures taken during the Presidential Awards for Outstanding Overseas Filipinos held a few days ago at the Malacanang Palace. It’s a biennial event being facilitated by our office where the current President of the Philippines honor OFs in a special ceremony. This takes so much preparation and logistics on our part. I have been part of the Awards Secretariat for the past five events in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 (when I was the major organizer) and of course, this year. Awards are given to OFs who have helped in the development of the countyr, excelled in their chosen fields or professions, and assisted particular sectors in the Philippines or in their communities abroad. A special category also recognizes the efforts of foreign individuals and organizations who have helped the cause of Filipinos here and abroad. This year, there were 24 recipients from various countries honored by His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III.

The awardees with PNoy

The Secretariat

Delivering the keynote address

Infamous Rafe Totengco speaking in behalf of the awardees

Hubby with Sec. Leila de Lima

my bestest friends

Another Secretariat shot


I wonder if my daughter will ever be bitten by wanderlust.

I also wonder if the sayings or pamahiins are true. That if you have certain birthmarks, prominent moles in particular, on your body, you tend to embody certain characteristics. Like these are pre-determined by nature or destiny or whatever you call it.

In this instance, does that mole on her left big toe portend of a lakwatsera on our hands?

Well, I don’t have a mole anywhere near my feet but I have always felt in my element whenever I get to travel. If only money wasn’t an issue, I’d have gone to the ends of the Earth in a heartbeat. There is infinite joy in discovering new things in the world. My love for books ever since I was a kid has instilled in me a sense of wonder and awe about this world we live in. While I absolutely delight in finding myself in the courts of glorious kingdoms, in the battlefields during medieval ages and world wars, in the romantic eras of Elizabethan and Victorian ages, in the rise of religions and civilizations, in the contemporary worlds of New York, it is my greatest dream to see and feel the places where these happened. I do not only wish to laugh, cry, gasp, love, feel characters in books, I want to experience and touch their lives.

I hope that my daughter would feel the same yearning, the same pleasure in discovering things. But of course, I pray that she has better success at realizing this than me.

My mental age

…is freakin’ 49!!! I really can’t figure out why. I took this test on a friend’s iPod touch, and after answering a bunch of totally unrelated questions, such as “do you turn off lights for economic rather than romantic reasons”, “do you make up your own words”, ” do you like reality TV shows”, “would you prefer Superman or Bill Clinton for a date”, and so on, I wound up with a mental age two decades more than my real one. Jeez. Do I really act old? Have I lost my youthful touch? Is this related to motherhood and managing your own household? Lol. (affected much?)

Anyway, as a pampalubag loob, the application assured me that:

Psychological studies reveal that those people with a mental age superior to their chronological age have a higher IQ than average. You live your life and have a world vision that is wise beyond your years (and you are probably very smart), but we would definitely recommend adopting some youthful attitudes. If you incorporate them into your life you will be smart AND youthful. What else can you ask for?

New ‘do

Growing up as a kid in the 80s, I had the ubiquitous apple cut. To this day, I haven’t quite figured out what pushed mothers to do that to their children over and over. My mom and I would often be seen squabbling at the ‘parlor’ because I would beg not to have my hair cut. As far as I could remember, she wouldn’t let my hair grow past my shoulders. And so when I stepped into high school, I finally had the freedom of growing my tresses long. I was blessed with manageable, baby-thin hair (albeit frizzy at times), and I finally felt like a lady. Save for a couple of times when I gave in the to urge of donning the pixie cut, I have worn my hair long for most of my adult life.

Then I decided to do this over the weekend:

Nice change, don’t you think?

Out on the street

Mico and I never had the chance to play on the street when we were kids. We were basically holed up all day, all night. Not that we envied the other kids playing. I, for one, was perfectly content staying indoors, keeping to myself, turning on either the television or the computer, or reading. I have my barbie dolls, books and other toys.

Our family was just like that, we mostly went on our merry ways without feeling the need to regularly converse with neighbors. When we want to play with other kids, either we invite them to our house or we go to their. Or we played to our hearts’ content in our schools–joining the patintero, luksong tinik, chinese garter, volleyball games, etc. We didn’t feel like we missed out on anything.

Nowadays, especially when the hubby and I are home, we let Mischa go out and smell the fresh air in our little village. Being cooped up all week will not do her any good. Not that she can actually “play” with the other bigger kids, but we let her go out so that she can watch the others run and chase each other around. She absolutely delights in this. Sometimes we let her run a little but I am forever in fear that she might stumble, and scrape her knees and legs. I know, I am such a stage mother! I know I should let her fall sometimes, it’s a life lesson even at this young age. I just couldn’t bear it if she got hurt.

Hay, she’s growing up so fast. Next thing I know she would always be asking for permission to go to be with her playmates.