The Deathly Hallows

What can I say?


I’ve been a Harry Potter fan ever since forever. I have read and re-read every book until I have memorized each line and lived every character. I signed up for advanced copies each time each book came out, and then went on devouring every word J.K. Rowling has churned out. I then immersed myself in wizard-land, and went to school with Harry, Herminone, Ron and their friends. It was great watching them grow, mature and basically live their adventure and have fun.

The movies progressed on in almost the same way. During the first few in the series, there was little disappointment about how the adaptations lived up to the book. This did not surprise me at all since there was usually a great hype before the showing of a movie tie-in, especially if the book is a bestseller, and then, pffft! Of course, you cannot compress all the details of an entire 500 or so pager in a two-hour film. Always, always, we would seek details that would often be excluded as the prerogative of the producer or director deems it prudent.

But as the series went on, the characters and the script bravely pushed on, climaxing into this 2-part HP7. I love how the lead stars, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint really grew into their characters. Now, I am not an expert on movie reviews but their acting moved me in this particular film. I almost couldn’t differentiate them from the characters in the book. It was as if they were really them!

Plus the movie is more detailed than all the others put together. Of course, this may also be due to the film being split into two parts to accommodate all the fine parts of the book. One thing I noticed though is that they didn’t give importance to the trio’s use of Harry’s Invisibility Cloak as they apparated from place to place. I feel that this should have been highlighted given the fact that, in the end, it would be shown that Harry would be the one to unite all three Hallows after centuries of them being separated.

Also, I was looking for these:

  • Ron and Hermione’s blossoming romance
  • Phineas Nigellus Black’s pivotal role as the link between the trio and Hogwarts
  • Greyback and the werewolves
  • The story of Regulus Black and his part in destroying the necklace.

Aside from that, I got affected by the deaths of Hedwig and Dobby. They were just heartbreaking to say the least–the death of Harry’s loyal soldiers.

But in all, this is one pretty satisfied customer. I couldn’t wait for the second part.

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