Give it a rest (or at least a chance)

Have you ever thought it possible that you can be put out of place in your own home? That despite inhabiting it for years and decades, you can be shunted to one side in the blink of an eye?

I have been trying to compose my thoughts over the past few days on this thing, which I can’t even describe. But there is mutiny growing. I think. People will always be unhappy when trodden on their own turf. I have always thought that my colleagues (or most anyway) are the easiest people to please. They will always welcome you with a smile. To the best of their abilities, they would accommodate even the most difficult of clients. We were all brought up that way. Hindi naman kami mahirap pakisamahan. So I can’t fathom how we are being treated now like strangers at our house. Di ko talaga ma-gets how 60 people can be dominated by 7 newly-arrived immigrants. We have of course, managed to shut ourselves up. I don’t even know why. Pero malapit ng pumutok ang dibdib ng iba. Who wouldn’t when you are all being treated like new graduates who couldn’t draft a freakin’ letter. Like we couldn’t pick up a piece of common sense on the streets. Like they could boss around established people. Did they think it’s our first day on the job? C’mon!

Maybe, just maybe, we’re like old people who are averse to change. Maybe we need to shut up for a little longer more. Maybe if we give them a chance, they will us too. Or is it wishful thinking?

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