A Commotion

A lot of people at work has been sent to the throes of confusion and bewilderment in the last few days. For months now, top management has been working on organizing a huge conference for overseas Filipinos in Canada. I got involved only in drafting some of the speeches and presentations that my boss had to deliver but for the most part, I was out of the loop.

I also know that the people involved in the project were in some kind of tug-of-war. The reasons and details are too gory to tell. Hehe. But there have been much arguments and telenovela punchlines exchanged. Their face-offs could have made it to the silver screen. Some us witnessed the tennis game-like mode of the whole thing. We watched the back-and-forth tirades with mouths agape.

What happened next made everything topsy-turvy. My supervisor decided not to join the group a day before their scheduled departure. He turned the world upside down if you take into account the expenses involved. It became a huge catastrophe, what with returning, re-issuing and reallocating huge sums of money, tickets, bookings.

That was Tuesday. Then there came the moment for him to get replaced. It fell on my lap now to get my ass to Canada in 3 days time since the conference will be held on Saturday. Our admin has been in a frenzy ever since–trying to get my passport, visa, ticket and allowance in order so that I can fly in time for the event. At the moment, we are at the mercy of the consuls at the Canadian Embassy if they would issue my much needed visa.

I would love to go to Canada. Traveling is always a wonderful experience, local or abroad. I always look forward to being in a new place, meeting new people, seeing a whole new environment. But this time, I was sort of ginulat and nagulantang that I still can’t find it in my heart to get excited. I am not prepared. I had to make plans for my daughter, and transfer them to my parents house for a while. Several kids’ birthdays, a baptism and a visit from balikbayan relatives are coming up in the next two weeks that I will surely miss. I don’t even know when I’m leaving or where I’m going exactly as the schedule of the team who has left varies from day to day. It’s too much to take in right now. I hope to see some light tomorrow.

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