Mico’s Red Crab Birthday

We almost didn’t get to celebrate his 30th because of the amount of workload he has at the moment. But I surmise he didn’t want it to let it go by without the whole family together. And wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to spend time with the little one, of course.

I was actually looking forward to dining in The Red Crab. Unfortunately, they were working on something when we went there last weekend that had the whole place reeking of varnish. So we had to troop to nearby Flying Pig (again) to sit there but still ordered RC’s offerings anyway. Didn’t get to enjoy it though. Mischa was making herself a handful again by grabbing and throwing things on the table. Had to let the hubby finish eating first before I could have a go on my own. Needless to say, it was done in a huff. Sigh! The things that you miss (eating quietly and unhurriedly)!

Tito Sam went with us pala. He and Mischa have this love-hate relationship going. lol.

see? konti lang nakain ko? lmao.

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